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GitLab for Education

At GitLab, we believe that every student can contribute! Our mission is to promote GitLab and DevOps at educational institutions around the world. We aim to build a community of educators, learners, and researchers who are passionate about all things related to DevOps and GitLab.

Beyond providing free, unlimited licenses of our top-tier functionality (SaaS or self-managed), we want to be a resource for you to learn more about DevOps and connect with others who share your interest. Please click here to download the results of our 2020 GitLab for Education survey!

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We are thrilled to welcome you to the GitLab for Education Program! The GitLab for Education Program has over 1.25 million users of GitLab's top-tier at over 1,000 educational institutions in over 65+ countries. We are the definitive source for bringing DevOps to your campus.

Here are few things to get you started on your DevOps journey:

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DevOps in Education

DevOps + Education: Are you interested in learning more about how the two relate? We are too! You've come to the right place!

There are so many different ways DevOps can be used in education. We’ve been taking note of a few of the really great ways we see DevOps entering both the higher education classroom as well as K-12 and less formal settings such as clubs and boot camps!

Open Science and research

Git technology is being used to manage data and publications. Continuous integration (CI) runs analytical workflows on data. Containerization allows for reproducability and versioned analysis. Collaborative tools speed up the cycle to results. Repositories store open data and web publications.

Learn computer science, coding, DevOps, and open source

Central repositories and source control are great tools for learning coding. Students can learn the stages of the DevOps lifecycle easily with a single platform. Continous integration tools can quality check and grade code assignments. Collaboration for group projects is easier with a central repositories, issues, epics and milestones.

Student portfolios

Students can showcase contributions and code on a GitLab repository. GitLab profiles record a students' contributions and collaboration. GitLab can be used to host and publish blog posts, resumes, and other websites. Demonstrating use of GitLab adds credibility to DevOps skills and working knowledge.

GitLab in Academic Research

Researchers around the world are conducting scientific research about GitLab, the company and the product, as well as using GitLab the product in thier research. The word "GitLab" appears in the title of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and in the body of over 33k peer-review articles! These articles cover a wide-range of topics including GitLab's all-remote operating model, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), GitLab for library science, GitLab for measuring student collaboration, GitLab for deep-machine learning and so many more. Check out a small sample of highlights below.



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