In order to be accepted into the GitLab for Education Program, each institution must meet the following requirements:

  • Accredited: the educational institution must be accredited by a local, state, provincial, federal, or national authorized agency. (see more details)
  • Primary purpose teaching: the educational institution must have the primary purpose of teaching its enrolled students.
  • Degree granting: the educational institution must be an accredited degree granting institution.
  • Non-profit/non-commercial: the educational institution may be private or public but must be non-commercial, non-profit and not engage in profit generating services.
  • Use case: The GitLab Education license can only be used for instructional-use or non-commercial academic research. IT professional use and/or use for institutional administration is not permitted under the educational license.
  • Faculty or Staff: only faculty or staff employed full-time at an educational institution can apply. We are not able to issue licenses to students directly.
  • Email domain: applicants must apply with the email domain of their representative institution. Please do not use personal email domains.

Program Benefits

  • Unlimited seats per license of Gold (GitLab hosted) or Ultimate (self-hosted). The number of seats is the number of different users that will use this license during the next year.
  • The number of seats and type of license (Gold or Ultimate) can be changed at the time of renewal or upon request.
  • GitLab support is not included with the educational license.
  • 50k CI runner minutes are included with the subscription. (Additional minutes must be purchased).


We are experiencing a high volume of requests at this time and apologize for longer than usual response times. If your request is urgent, please email and add "Urgent: [ your request] in the subject line." Thanks for your patience!

Application process

  • Fill out the application form. Please provide the most accurate and complete information as possible when filling out the form including a complete billing address with street number, street name, and zipcode.
  • Please indicate how the license will be used in the Educational Use Case field (see our definitions).
  • Please include any additional details on how the license will be used in the Educational Use Case Notes field. This information will help us determine if the application will be accepted.
  • Allow 10 business days for an initial response.

What to expect

If your application is accepted, we'll work with you to grant your license. Here's how:

  • The applicant will recieve a zero dollar quote for signature.
  • Review the quote and the included terms and conditions.
  • Sign and return the quote electronically.
  • Directions for accessing your license will be sent to you afer the signed quote is accepted.
  • The license key (Ulimate) or group authentication (Gold) will require you to log in to the (GitLab Customer Portal).

Application form


Email a renewal request

You will need to email us annually to renew your membership.

Please begin the renewal process at least one month in advance to ensure sufficient processing time. You will receive email reminders to do so and can renew as early as three months in advance of your membership's expiration.

To renew, please send an email to with the following information (copy and paste):

Subject: Renewal Request | Date of Expiration (MM/YYYY)

To help us find your account:
  • Name of your organization or project
  • Email associated with this account
  • To help us make sure you still qualify:
  • Please verify the use case for the education license. Professional IT and infrastructure operations do not fall within the stated terms of the Education Program.
  • To help us plan for next year:
  • Number of seats you are renewing.
  • Any change of ownership to the account.
  • If the ownership needs to change, please send the new account holder's name, email address, and contact mailing address.
  • Our program requirements may change from time to time, and we'll need to make sure that you continue to meet them year after year. If you do not qualify upon renewal, we'll work with you to make any needed transition as smooth as possible.

    If you do not renew your membership for any reason, your account will be downgraded.

    What to expect

    If your renewal request is accepted, you'll be asked to sign a zero dollar renewal quote. After that, here's what to expect for each type of renewal:

    • Gold (hosted) renewals: No further action is necessary after your renewal is fully processed. Your account will automatically renew.
    • Ultimate (self-hosted) renewals: You'll need to obtain your license from the (GitLab Customer Portal) and upload it to your instance.

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