GitLab Solutions for DevOps in Education

Bring the digital transformation to your campus with the only complete DevOps platform

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Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.

GitLab enables campuses to modernize, innovate, and secure quickly with an all-in-one platform where everyone can contribute.

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Deploy faster and more frequently.

Automate pipelines with Continuous Integration. Increase consistency and repeatability with Continuous Delivery.

Image: Deploy faster and more frequently.

Secure in real time.

Address security at every stage and spend less time fixing issues.

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Collaboration made easy.

More collaboration leads to faster results, more efficiency and more time spent improving and innovating systems. Manage teams and optimize software delivery lifecycles with metrics and value streams insight.

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Image: Deploy faster and more frequently.
Image: Secure in real time.
Image: Collaboration made easy.

How can you bring GitLab to your Campus?

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GitLab for Education

Free Education licenses to support teaching, learning, and research*

  • Unlimited seats
  • Top tiers
  • Any deployment method
  • 50000 CI/CD minutes
  • A community of support
  • Classroom or research use only
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* It is not authorized for use to run, administer, or operate an institution.
GitLab for Campuses

The complete DevOps platform for the whole campus for one simplified price.

  • Unlimited seats**
  • Top tiers
  • Any deployment method
  • 50000 CI/CD minutes
  • Priority support
  • No use case restrictions
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** Up to student enrollment
Academic Discount

20% discount off list price for all tiers

  • Just the seats you need
  • Any tier
  • Any deployment method
  • Priority support
  • CI/CD minutes according to tier purchased
  • No use case restrictions
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How does GitLab help Educational Institutions become more productive, efficient, and effective?

Information Technology

Automate the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes with the complete DevOps platform

  • Continuous Integration and delivery enable your IT department to build high-quality applications at scale
  • Accelerate your institution’s digital transformation. Real-time security monitoring
  • Breakdown silos and streamline efficiency
See how University of Washington does it

Institution Administration

GitLab is a collaboration tool designed to help people work better across distributed teams.

  • From conception through implementation, every department can deliver faster using one unified application
  • Track work using GitLab Boards, Labels, Epics, and Roadmaps
  • Store internal processes with issues and repositories
See how EAB does it

Research, Libraries, and Learning Technology

GitLab brings transparency, shared ownership, operational efficiency, and a single source of truth to your research allowing you to focus on what matters - the science.

  • End-to-end visibility, centralized access, and repeatability
  • Improve code quality and documentation
  • Containerization, CI/CD and shared repositories make research and infrastructure reusable
See how Square Kilometer Array does it

Empower Students

An invaluable tool for providing students in-depth and practical knowledge on how the DevOps lifecycle works in today’s professional world.

  • Evolve from coding on paper or local drives to a software platform that provides code management, continuous integration, and transparency
  • Teach the best the industry has to offer with GitLab CI/CD and SCM
  • Prepare the future workforce for collaboration, efficiency, and transparency
See how Dublin City University does it

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