Automated software delivery

Automation essentials for achieving velocity, digital innovation, cloud native transformations and application modernization

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Automated software delivery with GitLab

helps you develop software faster by making teams more productive, unlocking operational efficiencies, accelerating app modernization, and unleashing the value of digital transformation.

Accelerate your cloud native adoption and app modernization

Eliminate click-ops and introduce checks and balances to build high-quality applications at scale.

Ship high-quality, secure software faster

Automate your application release process to make software delivery repeatable and on-demand.

Improve developer productivity and experience

Minimize manual repetitive tasks, focus on deep, value generating work.

How to automate your software delivery process

To deliver higher quality applications, developers need to focus on value-add tasks and collaborate effectively across teams, all without context-switching.

Continuous change management

  • Enterprise-ready Source Code Management
  • Track every change - code for application, infrastructure, policies, configurations
  • Control every change - code owners, approvers, rules
  • Distributed version control for geographically distributed teams
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Continuous integration and verification

  • Code, build, test automation to incrementally build & test every change
  • Less risk by detecting errors early
  • Scale with parallel builds, merge trains
  • Collaborate across projects with multi project pipeline
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On-demand environments with GitOps

  • Automate infrastructure to release faster
  • Recover from errors faster
  • Choice of push or pull configurations
  • Secure Kubernetes cluster access to avoid exposing your cluster
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Continuous delivery

  • Make every change ‘releasable’
  • Progressively deploy changes to minimize disruption
  • Get feedback faster by testing changes on a subset of users
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