Demo: Mastering code review with GitLab

Emily von Hoffmann ·
Mar 17, 2017 · 1 min read

Watch Discussion Lead Sean McGivern demonstrate our typical code review process.

Whatever your team’s workflow, we expect you face immense pressure to quickly ship new features. In our 2016 Developer Survey, 81 percent of developers admit to releasing code before it’s ready, citing the pressure of tight or unrealistic deadlines as the reason they release prematurely. To combat this pressure, engineering teams need a process they can repeat every time, so there are no steps skipped during a time crunch. Our code review tools were built with the aim of enhancing your review process, taking you from idea to production while setting new personal records for code delivery speed and quality.


Typical flow

Excellent code depends on rigorous review. At GitLab, every change is reviewed using this flow:

To find out more about the importance of code quality, considerations for teams of different sizes and stages, and details on how we develop at GitLab while using GitLab, watch our webcast, "Code Review: A Business Imperative" on demand.

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