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Nov 22, 2021

GitLab 14.5 released

GitLab 14.5 released with infrastructure as code security scanning, group-level merge request approvals, Kubernetes Agent in GitLab Free, project topics and much more! Read on

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Three things you might not know about GitLab security

Nov 23, 2021

There's so much more to GitLab's security offering than meets the eye. Here are three features you may have missed.

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5 DevOps platform benefits that inspire GitLab users to become GitLab advocates

Nov 23, 2021

Learn how a single tweet led to insight from our advocates on how they use GitLab to improve their work and their own lives.

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Situational Leadership Strategy

Nov 19, 2021

GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij shares how he incorporates situational leadership in his management style.


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GitLab Commit 2021

August 2021

The Next Iteration of DevOps - GitLab CEO Keynote

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Commit Virtual 2021: GitLab and UBS: Driving Innovation in the Financial Industry
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovation in Education
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GitLab Commit 2021 - Kickoff
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovating Together on the Next Generation of DevOps

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