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Dec 6, 2021

2022 DevOps predictions: GitLab experts weigh in on AI, security, remote work, and more

Want to see into the DevOps future? We’ve got insights to share, including the challenges for AI/ML and the impact of cloud-native on DevSecOps. Read on

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Where to donate your DevOps skills

Dec 8, 2021

Want to feel great and help fill the DevOps talent pipeline? Here are some rewarding opportunities to donate your tech knowledge to others.

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DevSecOps FAQ: Get up to speed

Dec 8, 2021

There's more to dev, sec and ops than meets the eye, particularly when they're combined. Here's what you need to know about DevSecOps.

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GitLab Technical Certifications program wins 5 awards at LearnX Conference

Dec 3, 2021

GitLab's Tech Certification programs won 5 different awards at this year's LearnX conference.


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GitLab Commit 2021

August 2021

The Next Iteration of DevOps - GitLab CEO Keynote

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Commit Virtual 2021: GitLab and UBS: Driving Innovation in the Financial Industry
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovation in Education
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GitLab Commit 2021 - Kickoff
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovating Together on the Next Generation of DevOps

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