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Cormac Foster
Sep 2, 2021

The journey to a DevOps Platform

Understand the history of DevOps or be doomed to repeat it. Here's why the journey has been so painful and how a DevOps Platform will help. Read on

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How QPage achieved automatic deployment and efficiency using the GitLab DevOps Platform

Sep 15, 2021

QPage went from a homegrown CI/CD solution to the GitLab DevOps Platform and found more benefits than expected.

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How GitLab's 5 new code review features will make life easier

Sep 9, 2021

Code reviews are hard to get right. Here are five new features in our DevOps Platform designed to streamline code reviews and provide vital context.

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Making the case for a DevOps platform: What data and customers say

Sep 8, 2021

Don't just take our word for why a DevOps platform means better DevOps and faster, safer releases: here's what the latest data shows and how customers have benefitted.


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GitLab Commit 2021

August 2021

The Next Iteration of DevOps - GitLab CEO Keynote

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Commit Virtual 2021: GitLab and UBS: Driving Innovation in the Financial Industry
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovation in Education
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GitLab Commit 2021 - Kickoff
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Commit Virtual 2021: Innovating Together on the Next Generation of DevOps

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