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May 13, 2021

Why software developer job satisfaction matters and how to make it happen

Science has proven happier developers are more productive. It’s time to take software developer job satisfaction seriously – here’s how the right combo of culture and tools, i.e., a DevOps platform, can help. Read on

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How we used GitLab values to develop a successful Security Awards Program

May 14, 2021

We built a program that encourages, recognizes, and awards a shared responsibility for security.

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Can DevOps and project management co-exist? Yes, on the daily at GitLab

May 11, 2021

Stay agile by using GitLab for DevOps project management

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How the Security Culture Committee is strengthening GitLab values

Dominic Couture, Mark Loveless, Joern Schneeweisz, Heather Simpson and Steve Truong
May 7, 2021

Learn how this group of team members works to preserve and reinforce GitLab values in the Security department and beyond.


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Commit Virtual 2020

September 2020

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What is GitLab?
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Commit Virtual 2020: DevOps works! Why hasn't security kept up?
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Commit Virtual 2020: The power of GitLab – Sid Sijbrandij
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GitLab-Jira basic integration

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