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Sep 18, 2023

GitLab releases moving to the third Thursday of the month

This move will create more predictability for our customers in terms of the day of week for the release while continuing our monthly pace of self-managed releases. Read on

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Bookmark these changes: URL structure updates coming in GitLab 17.0

Aug 30, 2023

An overview of project and user settings URL changes, including deprecations and redirects, that will happen in 17.0.

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Disagree, commit, and disagree: How a lazy solution became a category

Aug 30, 2023

Find out the origin story of the DevSecOps category.

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Better together with GitLab and Google Cloud

Aug 29, 2023

GitLab’s DevSecOps workflow now integrates with Google Cloud secure Artifact Registry, security scanning, and deployment toolchains.

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GitLab Gitaly project now supports the SHA-256 hashing algorithm

Aug 28, 2023

Gitaly now supports SHA-256 repositories. Here's why it matters.

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GitLab and Google together at Google Cloud Next '23

Aug 22, 2023

Here's a roundup of all the GitLab events and announcements at the Next ‘23 conference.

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Removing tags from our small SaaS runner on Linux

Aug 15, 2023

With GitLab 17.0, we are removing most tags from our small SaaS runner on Linux. Find out if you are affected and the change you need to make.

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GitLab account security: Verify your information for enhanced protection

Aug 8, 2023

GitLab users soon will be required to provide a valid email address during login to boost security and prevent credential stuffing.

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Medium GitLab SaaS runners on Linux now available to all tiers

Aug 1, 2023

Free tier users can follow a few instructions to use medium SaaS runners on Linux to increase CI/CD pipleline speeds.

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GitLab’s first ESG and DIB reports: Here’s what to know

Stacy Cline, Sherida McMullan
Jul 26, 2023

Learn why Environmental, Social, and Governance and Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging are integral to GitLab’s business and culture.

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Meet the 2023 GitLab Partner of the Year award winners

Jul 20, 2023

We recognized our channel, technology, and cloud partners for their collaboration and contributions.

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What to know about a fake job scam impersonating GitLab

Jun 29, 2023

GitLab Security is aware of a fake GitLab job scam, ultimately requesting job seekers pay thousands of dollars for 'technology equipment.' Here's how to spot it.

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GitLab Dedicated single-tenant SaaS now generally available

Jun 15, 2023

Achieve control and convenience with a fully managed DevSecOps platform.

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GitLab extends Omnibus package signing key expiration to 2024

Our GPG key will now expire on July 1, 2024. Here's what you need to know.

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Introducing the GitLab Achievements feature

Nick Veenhof, Christina Lohr
Jun 5, 2023

Boost engagement among your employees and community with achievements.

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Free access to security, other features with expanded Registration Features Program

May 24, 2023

More features are now available for free to free self-managed Enterprise Edition users when they register and turn on their Service Ping.

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