Blog News The continued support of FluxCD at GitLab
March 5, 2024
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The continued support of FluxCD at GitLab

GitLab is committed to working with other partners to make sure that Flux remains a stable, reliable, and mature Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.


Last month, Weaveworks CEO Alexis Richardson announced publicly the company, which is the main sponsor of FluxCD, is closing its doors and shutting down its commercial operations.

GitLab made a strategic decision in early 2023 to integrate FluxCD with its agent for Kubernetes offering as the recommended GitOps solution. While we were sad to see the news about Weaveworks, the company, it in no way changes our commitment to FluxCD, the project, and its ability to drive efficiencies for our customers. FluxCD is a mature, enterprise-ready GitOps solution with a modern, modular architecture and clean codebase that lends itself for integration and requires minimal maintenance.

In the past month, we have had discussions with a number of companies that built their tooling around FluxCD, and together we are certain that FluxCD is a solution we want to continue to support and rely upon. We looked into switching to alternatives, but decided against other options. We are confident in the future of Flux. Flux is a mature Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project with a large and dedicated user base. We believe that our continued support and integration with Flux serves our users the best.

Unfortunately, such an organizational change affects the status of the Flux maintainers. At GitLab, we are committed to open source. When we decided to integrate with Flux, we knew that, sooner or later, we would like to have FluxCD maintainers within GitLab. Given the recent changes, we are committed even more to playing an active role in the Flux community and we want to support FluxCD for enterprise customers.

“GitLab is a proven platform for software delivery, and I am really pleased to see their leadership standing up to help and support Flux. As the inventors of GitOps and FluxCD, I know that Weaveworks people and all our customers will want to see this. For my part, I’m more confident in the future of Flux than ever, and I’m happy to see GitLab being one of the companies working on enterprise Flux support.” - Alexis Richardson, CEO, Weaveworks

As these are turbulent times in the Flux community, we are working closely with other partners to make sure that Flux remains a stable, reliable, and mature CNCF project.

Read more about our FluxCD integration.

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