Blog News GitLab receives Ally Technology Partner Award for Operational Excellence
Published on: June 18, 2024
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GitLab receives Ally Technology Partner Award for Operational Excellence

Financial firm recognizes GitLab for its ability to deliver lean, automated, and streamlined business models that drive simplified and resilient solutions for Ally and its customers.


Earlier this month, Ally Financial, a leading digital financial services company, awarded GitLab its Ally Technology Partner Award for Operational Excellence, citing the fundamental role GitLab and the GitLab DevSecOps platform play for Ally and its customers.

"This award is meant to recognize partners who help us ensure the resiliency of our solutions and who are committed to not just providing us products but helping us to operationalize and maintain those products on a sustained basis," said Spencer Cremers, CIO of Enterprise Technology Operations at Ally Financial. "GitLab is a critical toolset that is fundamental to our day-to-day operations."

Ally began migrating to GitLab in recent years and now has a large number of applications that have fully adopted DevSecOps principles. GitLab enables Ally to carry out thousands of builds per day across all environments and deploy numerous builds into Production every week.

GitLab was also lauded for helping support Ally's operational goals. "GitLab also provides tremendous operational support when we need service or responses on a short-notice basis," Cremers said.

He added that GitLab is helping the company explore "virtualized development environments for a more efficient and predictable space for developers to learn," as well as security tools to shift security left in the software development lifecycle.

This is the second year GitLab has won an Ally Technology Partner Award. In 2023, the first year these awards were given, the financial firm recognized GitLab for "Velocity with Quality" for excellent speed to market, responsiveness, and flexibility, allowing Ally to deliver value to customers quickly.

Learn how Ally uses the GitLab DevSecOps Platform to achieve some big wins, including a 55% increase in deployment velocity and $300k yearly cost savings.

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