GitLab Technology Partners

Every application that supports Git will work with GitLab. Below, you can browse some of our highlighted applications. Visit our project services documentation to see services that are integated into GitLab. Visit how to integrate with GitLab to learn more about partnering with GitLab and read how to add an application to this page.

Cloud Partners


GitLab’s integration with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) offers scalable app deployments in just a few clicks. Learn more about our GKE Integration.

GitLab is an official GCP Partner.

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GitLab’s support for Amazon’s Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) unlocks a set of powerful GitLab features along with the ability to one-click install applications like Helm, Ingress, Prometheus, and GitLab Runner to your cluster.

GitLab is an official AWS Partner.

Install GitLab on AWS using an AMI

Microsoft Azure

GitLab is an official Microsoft Azure Partner

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Native Apps

GitLab Control

An iOS app for managing your GitLab projects on iPhone or iPad. GitLab Control gives you full access to your GitLab projects with the built in code viewer and search tools. You can fully navigate your code tree, issues, milestones and code snippets or search for any filenames, IDs or labels. You can also capture, organise and prioritise your team’s issues, and stay up-to-date using activity streams displaying commits, issues, and more across all repositories.


GitLab client for Android, featuring full material design and allows for multiple accounts.

Play Store
Repository on GitLab

Chrome GitLab Notifier

Third party notifier for GitLab events (Commit, Issue, MergeRequest and Milestone).

Chrome App Store

Working Copy

Full featured Git client for iPhone and iPad.


A beautiful GitLab client for iOS.


The Git client for iPhone and iPad you always wanted


Branches is an iPhone and iPad app for managing issues in your GitLab repositories. The app also lets you browse commits, merge requests and files.


Get notifications about your GitLab projects in Zulip. Zulip is the world's most productive group chat and the leading open source alternative to Slack. With Zulip, you don't have to choose between missing important conversations and wasting time reading irrelevant ones.

About Zulip
Zulip's GitLab integration


GitFox is an open source GitLab client for Android with Clean Architecture concepts and intuitive user interface. The app allows you to view commits, issues, merge requests and other events from all your projects. GitFox grows together with GitLab.

Google Play
GitLab Repository

Cli Clients


Lab wraps Git, making it simple to clone, fork, and interact with repositories on GitLab, including seamless workflows for creating merge requests, issues and snippets.

Repository on GitHub

Narkoz's Ruby wrapper & CLI

Ruby wrapper and CLI for GitLab REST API.

Repository on GitHub

Numa08's lab

Git::Gitlab is a GitLab command line interface.

Repository on GitHub

Invantive Data Hub

Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many databases and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as GitLab.

Invantive Data Hub

Bor-sh's git-gitlab

Yet another GitLab command line interface.

Repository on GitLab

Invantive Data Access Point

Extend GitLab APIs by support for many additional communication protocols, including Microsoft Power BI.

Invantive Data Access Point


Post a code review and merge request with one command

Repository on GitHub

GoTsunami's GitLab Copy Tool

Copy issues (with labels, milestones and notes) from one GitLab project to another, possibly running on different GitLab instances.

Repository on GitHub

Zmo's git-repo

A tool to manage your remote repositories (create, fork, delete, clone, add remote…) for services like GitLab (but also GitHub and Bitbucket) that integrates as a Git subcommand.

Repository on GitLab
Package on PyPI
Repository (and issues) on GitHub
Repository on Bitbucket


Copy global labels into a project or between projects on the same or different GitLab instances, edit or delete labels using a regex.

Repository on GitHub


It's a cross platform, self contained command line tool to quickly and naturally perform frequent tasks on GitLab projects.

Repository on GitHub


Lab is a CLI client of GitLab, inspired by the hub command. You can retrieve the information necessary for operation from a Git repository, minimizing the user input. Create, list and edit issues and merge requests quickly. Lab also helps you to filter with rich options, making it easy to access information on GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


A fully featured command line interface for GitLab's time tracking feature. gtt monitors the time you spent on an issue or merge request locally and syncs it to GitLab. It also allows you to create reports in various formats from time tracking data stored on GitLab.

Repository on GitHub
Package on NPM

Api Clients

Narkoz's Ruby wrapper & CLI

Ruby wrapper and CLI for GitLab REST API.

Repository on GitHub


R client for GitLab REST API.

Development repository on


GitLab::API::v4 is a robust Perl client for the GitLab API.

Distribution on MetaCPAN
Repository on GitHub


Python GitLab is a Python wrapper for the GitLab API

Repository on GitHub


PyAPI-GitLab is a Python wrapper for the GitLab API.

Repository on GitHub


libsaas_gitlab is a Python wrapper based on libsaas

Repository on GitLab


Go GitLab Client is a 100% complete GitLab API v4 (and v3) client.

Repository on GitHub


Go GitLab Client for GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


GitLabKit is an API client library for the GitLab API, written in Swift.

Repository on GitHub


Backbone for GitLab is a Backbone client library for the GitLab API

Repository on GitHub


GitLab-Yaac (Node Package Manager) is aGitLab API client with more control over server response

Repository on GitHub


Node GitLab is a GitLab API Node.js library.

Repository on GitHub


PHP-GitLab-API is aGitLab API client for PHP

Repository on GitHub


Laravel GitLab is a Laravel bridge for GitLab

Repository on GitHub


Java GitLab API is a wrapper for the GitLab API written in Java

Repository on GitHub


GitLab4J-API is a full featured Java library for working with the GitLab API

Repository on GitHub
GitLab4J-API Homepage


GitLabApiClient is a .NET client for GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


GitLab.NET is a .NET library for GitLab's API.

NuGet Package
Repository on GitLab


NGitLab is a .NET client for GitLab.

Repository on GitHub


PSGitLab is a PowerShell module for interacting with the GitLab API.

Package on PSGallery
Repository on GitHub


clj-gitlab is a wrapper for the GitLab API written in Clojure.

Repository on



Push GitLab issue due dates to your Google Calendar

GitLab Google Calendar integration


Back up and sync your Postman Collections to your GitLab projects with the Postman Pro to GitLab integration.

Postman Pro to GitLab integration


Collect user feedback and bug reports on your website, which can be created as issues in a GitLab project. Information on how to integrate BugMuncher with GitLab can be found in the BugMuncher Documentation

BugMuncher User Feedback

Mirror a GitHub project to GitLab

github2gitlab is a command line tool to mirror the git repository and the pull requests of a GitHub project to GitLab. As of version 7.7.0 GitLab also includes a GitHub importer that transfers issues and comments.

Home Page


Add annotated screenshots to every issue in GitLab. A picture paints a thousand words, so reproducing the bug gets as simple as possible.

GitLab Identity Connector

Identity connector for GitLab written using ConnId framework. The connector can be used to access GitLab from midPoint identity management system.

Repository on GitHub

GitLab external user creator

Web app which allows internal users to create new users for collaborators (as external users).

Repository on GitHub


GitLabForm is an easy "configuration as code" tool for GitLab using config in plain YAML.

Repository on GitHub


Simple script creating a GitLab project from the local repository in the current directory.


Invantive Control for Excel

Download and upload facts to GitLab using the Excel add-in Invantive Control. The add-in provide businesses and organizations all the functionalities needed to make real-time management decisions.

Invantive Control for Excel

Invantive Composition for Word

Save money and time by merging data from GitLab with Word documents. The automatic generation and creation of documents increases business profit.

Invantive Composition for Word

GitLab IRC gateway

IRC notifications using webhooks, implemented with the irker IRC bot

Repository on


Zero Downtime PHP Deployments.


When you type any YouTrack command in a VCS commit comment, it is applied to the issue associated with that commit.



SwaggerHub is an API development platform that allows users to quickly build, document and deploy their APIs using the Swagger framework. SwaggerHub’s GitLab integration lets users push-generate their API’s definition and code to the GitLab repository of their choice and keep them in sync, thus managing their API lifecycle in GitLab from a single source-of-truth.


Invantive Query Tool for SQL

With the Invantive Query Tool is all the data, stored in GitLab, available on demand. It empowers to execute queries, capture and analyze data and create business reports in real-time.

Invantive Query Tool for SQL


A REST client to the GitLab API with an Emacs HELM interface


Review Board

A web-based collaborative code review tool

Review Board

Online SQL Editor

Business Intelligence via any web browser and platform. By login in with the GitLab credentials easily extract, organize and analyze data, stored in the cloud of GitLab.

Online SQL Editor


Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for developers.

ETL Tool


A web-based tool to see all merge requests of your team in one place

Hosted version on GitLab Pages
Repository on
Repository on GitHub

GitPitch - Slideshow Presentations for Developers

No more PowerPoint. No more Keynote. Just Markdown. Then Git-Commit.

GitPitch Website
GitPitch Repo on GitLab
GitPitch Wiki


Raygun is a Software Intelligence Platform that provides crash reporting and real user monitoring to thousands of software teams. The integration with GitLab provides functions for creating issues and linking directly back to your source code.

Raygun Website
Integration setup instructions
Raygun and GitLab make deployment easier


Zapier allows you to connect almost any application to almost any other application, GitLab included.

GitLab Integration for Zapier


TaskTop allows you to integrate GitLab with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow and Zendesk, or Agile Planning tools such as CA Agile Central, JIRA, LeanKit, or VersionOne.

TaskTop GitLab integration

Serverless Microsoft Teams Connector

Easily integrate MS Teams with GitLab to notify you on merge requests and issues.

Serverless Microsoft Teams Connector

Autosync BitBucket - GitLab by Unito

Simplify bug management between repos. Powerful filters can sync a few issues or the whole repo!

Autosync GitHub - GitLab by Unito

Simplify bug management between repos. Powerful filters can sync a few issues or the whole repo!

GitLab Issue Sync by Unito

Simplify bug management between repos. Powerful filters can sync a few issues or the whole repo! is a tool for automatic issue triaging. It helps you to spend less time sorting and prioritizing your issues.


Integrate GitLab with Relution for distributing and managing multiple iOS and/or Android mobile applications built with GitLab CI/CD. You can use Relution to set up Git repositories and CI/CD pipelines for your projects on your GitLab infrastructure.

Relution website
GitLab + Relution integration overview
Relution documentation


Receive detailed bug reports and in-app feedback reported by your users and beta testers from your mobile app directly to GitLab.

Instabug + GitLab integration overview

Create visual and actionable bug reports as GitLab issues without leaving your website.

Continuous Integration


Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery service for mobile apps. Craft powerful workflows to automate build, testing, deployment and feedback cycles to have more time for actual coding, while having constant overview about the state of your app.


BuildKite runs builds on GitLab commits, either on self-hosted GitLab repositories or



Hosted Continuous Integration & Delivery with native Docker support that allows to fully customize your CI environment

Codeship Continuous Integration with GitLab


We support Jenkins through the Jenkins GitLab plugin.

Jenkins CI integration

Magnum CI

Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform

Magnum CI Integration with GitLab


Shippable is the one solution you need to automate your application delivery pipelines, with the flexibility to work with your existing tools, processes and infrastructure.

Shippable GitLab integration


StriderCD is an open-source continuous integration tool that integrates well with GitLab.



One reason TeamCity is dubbed an "Intelligent CI server" is its approach to integration. You get all this support without installing any plugins and with no modifications to build scripts.



Integrating buddybuild to any GitLab account automates the process of setting up and configuring a continuous integration and deployment system for your mobile projects. Connecting buddybuild also unlocks features like merge requests, updated commit status, automatic team member provisioning and more.



HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise provides integration with version control systems (VCS) to facilitate collaboration on infrastructure as code.


Cms Plugins

Drupal Plugin

Connect your Drupal site to a GitLab instance using web services. This is purely an API module. You should only enable it if another module requires it or if you want to build code against this API.


Dropfort helps you to organize your Drupal projects and manage your sites in one simple interface.


This plugin aims to provide a connection between Confluence and your GitLab server instance. It enables you to view issues, builds, merge requests and project information with simple to use macros.

GitLab Connector Plugin

Crafter CMS

Use GitLab as an upstream remote repository in your Crafter CMS project to streamline development of content management applications.

Crafter Software
GitLab-Crafter Integration

Gui Git Clients

All GUI Clients

All Git GUI Clients from all companies are compatible with GitLab.


SourceTree works with GitLab (Cloud, CE, EE) to help you manage changes to your source code in a visual way.

Sourcetree 3.0 branches out with new hosting services

Git Tower

Easy version control in a beautiful, efficient, and powerful app for Windows and macOS.


Eclipse has the Egit Team provider that also supports GitLab. Eclipse Git Team Provider Working with remote repositories


Lets you interact with gitlab from within your IDE.

Visual Studio

The Visual Studio IDE provides built-in source control integration for Git.


The downright luxurious Git client for Windows, Mac & Linux.


This IDE for the PHP programming language has a GitLab plugin.

Plugin on the Jetbrains site

GitLab Workflow

GitLab Workflow allows you to perform actions for your project directly within VSCode.

GitLab Workflow on Marketplace

Performance Measurements


AppSignal support GitLab and can monitor both Rails and Sidekiq.


Application monitoring for developers with Git integration for faster debugging.
GitLab integration

Munin Plugins

Plugins for monitoring a GitLab instance with munin.

Plugins on GitHub

Blackfire enables you to automate the performance testing and profiling of your code any time you modify it.
Gitlab integration documentation


Rollbar's real-time error monitoring integrates with GitLab providing a fast and frictionless debugging experience with deep links to source code and issue tracking.


Logzio is an intelligent log analysis platform that combines the open source ELK Stack as a cloud service, with advanced machine learning, to help users gain insight into their data. The integration with GitLab enables easy shipping of GitLab logs into, for monitoring, analysis and visualization.
Integration instructions


OAuth2 service provider

Using the OAuth2 service provider to sign into other services.

GitLab as OAuth2 authentication service provider

PHP OAuth2 client

Let users of your application authenticate through a public or private GitLab instance.

GitLab Provider for the PHP League OAuth 2.0 Client

Scrum Boards

Free. Open Source. Powerful. Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers and designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.


A free, open source and self-hosted visual task board software. GitLab events can be connected to Kanboard's automatic actions through GitLab webhooks and GitLab authentication


ScrumDo, your Process Improvement Partner, has seamless and frictionless integration of important development events right into cards on your Scrum or Kanban board. Make the true status of work from customer requests through to code a reality with ScrumDo and Gitlab side by side.


GitLab Kanban

Self hosted kanban board built from the ground up using the GitLab public API. Kanban issues are GitLab issues and the user permissions are respected.

Vivify Scrum

A project management tool that is Scrum and Kanban compatible. Intuitive and efficient. Built for software developers by software developers. Let's you focus on what matters.

Vivify Scrum

Autosync Trello - GitLab by Unito

2-way sync to Trello, connecting assignee, due date, & more. Filter syncs for custom workflows.

Trello Power-Up

The GitLab Power-Up allows you to link a merge request with a card.

Add to Trello

GitLab Power-Up

Built With Gitlab

La fabrique de la loi

This site uses GitLab to store French laws in git and make the lawmaking process visual.

Perforce Helix GitSwarm

Perforce Helix GitSwarm is a git collaboration tool built on GitLab.

O'Reilly Atlas

Technical publisher O'Reilly Media has build their own frontend on top of a GitLab backend. They published a video of the app Backbone for GitLab API library they developed for this.


This authoring site for writing books is built with a fork of GitLab.

Translation Tools


A web-based solution for developers created to streamline the localization process. Easy file sync between GitLab repository and a localization project in Crowdin. Provides translators and managers with an advanced tooling set. GitLab uses Crowdin to add and support multiple languages.

Crowdin website
GitLab integration documentation


Collaborative translation platform and localization management software. The integration with GitLab connects the translations in POEditor projects with language files in GitLab repos, simplifying translation management and syncronization.

GitLab Integration


Connect your GitLab repository to Memsource, a powerful cloud-based translation platform, equipped for continuous localization and end-to-end automation. This integration, based on our REST API, can detect changes then seamlessly pass updated files through Memsource and push the localized content back to GitLab.

Memsource website
Memsource integration documentation



Snyk continuously monitors your application's dependencies and lets you quickly respond when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.
GitLab integration

Project Management

GitLab JIRA Integration

Reference and close issues in JIRA directly from GitLab

GitLab JIRA Integration


Link to GitLab issues in your daily standups

Jell GitLab integration

GitLab Listener

JIRA add-on allowing the reception of GitLab push events using GitLab project webhooks.

Atlassian Marketplace


Teamweek gives you the simplicity of an Excel sheet in a web-based, multi-user environment. It helps you schedule, manage and share tasks.


Git Integration for JIRA Cloud/Server

View GitLab Commits in JIRA Issues and Projects. Native support for GitLab CE/EE and - fast and easy connection between JIRA and GitLab.

Atlassian Marketplace
GitLab + JIRA Integration guide
GitLab integration documentation

Autosync Asana - GitLab by Unito

2-way sync to Asana, connecting assignee, due date, & more. Filter syncs for custom workflows.

Autosync Wrike - GitLab by Unito

2-way sync to Wrike, connecting assignee, due date, & more. Filter syncs for custom workflows.

Autosync Basecamp - GitLab by Unito

2-way sync to Basecamp, connecting assignee, due date, & more. Filter syncs for custom workflows.

Status Hero

Automatically include GitLab activity within the daily or weekly team status reports produced by Status Hero.

Status Hero GitLab integration


Forecast is a PSA platform that helps you manage and improve your workflow. Forecast enables transparency by connecting people, projects and profit. Forecast's integration with GitLab saves you time by synchronizing your cards, issues, and milestones with Forecast's added features of scheduling and time tracking.

Forecast GitLab Integration


ClickUp's GitLab integration allows you to automatically associate GitLab commits, pull requests, and branches with ClickUp tasks. In ClickUp, you'll be able to quickly reference GitLab items as well as manually link them to tasks.

ClickUp GitLab Integration

Time Tracking


Fully automatic time tracking generated from your programming activity in your editor.



Time tracker that is built for speed and ease of use.



Easy time management tool which helps to track all your working activity in GitLab. Follow GitLab time tracking instruction to start using TMetric.

GitLab time tracking


Time tracking with screenshots and activity levels for GitLab issues. Issues sync automatically to native apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android.

Video walk-through

Cosango GitLab Reports

Small open source app to easily create milestone and time tracking reports in GitLab



A free time tracker and timesheet app for teams. Clockify's GitLab integration allows you to track the time you spend working on issues and merge requests.

Clockify GitLab time tracking integration

Code Quality


PullRequest is a platform for code review, built for teams of all sizes. This integration allows you to receive code reviews from our network of thousands of on-demand expert reviewers directly in your GitLab merge requests.

PullRequest website
PullRequest integration documentation

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