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Increase productivity with agile collaboration and optimize delivery with data-driven automation. GitLab Ultimate provides the DevOps platform for delivering better hybrid cloud software faster with IBM Cloud Paks.

Automate your enterprise workloads to deliver better applications faster

For organizations to rapidly shift workloads to the cloud, they need a secure, portable method without vendor lock-in. GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks is designed to help project teams that want to deploy an application to different systems located on environments such as IBM Cloud, IBM Z, or bare metal servers, as a single, comprehensive hybrid cloud solution.

Productive pipelines

GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks offers a standardized pipeline that builds on the CI/CD, application security testing, source control, and single-user experience of GitLab with out-of-the-box extensions for service virtualization, integration testing, release orchestration, and scalable governance.

Integrated DevSecOps

Together, IBM and GitLab help clients streamline collaboration to improve productivity and accelerate innovation in the environment of their choosing. Discover an integrated DevSecOps approach with extensions for other tools.

Unparalleled automation

GitLab Ultimate is integrated with IBM Cloud Paks, IBM Watson AIOps, and IBM Z to help teams become more agile and efficient. With GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks, companies can automate work across business users, developers, and IT teams.

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From centralized management to cost reduction – GitLab for IBM Cloud Paks, Watson, and IBM Z offer a joint solution that streamlines hybrid software delivery across multiple pipelines.

GitLab + IBM Cloud Paks

Leverage AI-powered software built on Red Hat OpenShift for hybrid clouds. With GitLab and IBM Cloud Paks, fully implement intelligent workflows to accelerate your business’s digital transformation.

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GitLab + IBM Watson AIOps

The IBM Watson AIOps and GitLab integration automate the work of site reliability engineers (SREs). Ingest data and events from GitLab across the software development lifecycle – including code pushes, commits, reviews, tests, deployments, and releases.

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GitLab + IBM System Z: GitLab + IBM Dependency Based Build

GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks bundles with IBM Dependency Based Build to provide a DevOps platform that includes the z/OS team. Named GitLab Ultimate for IBM z/OS, this is an enterprise-wide DevOps solution.

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Key use cases for the new product include efficient and secure automation of software development, delivery, and management, and the use of AI to accelerate DevOps by making processes and responses more intelligent.

Jay Lyman, 451 Research (2021)

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