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Unlock work-faster workflows to build better applications with GitLab and HashiCorp, a joint solution for secure GitOps automation.

Uniting developers and operators with secure workflows

GitLab is the DevOps platform delivered as a single application for everyone on your pipeline. Integrate HashiCorp Vault and Terraform with GitLab to standardize secrets management and secure GitOps workflows.

Streamline infrastructure and application delivery with GitLab and HashiCorp

GitLab shrinks cycle times from hours to minutes, helping enterprise customers embrace the cloud via automated workflows. GitLab’s built-in planning, monitoring, and reporting solutions integrate with Terraform and Vault so cross-functional teams can quickly codify infrastructure and define service dependencies within a secure environment.


See progressive contributions. Version control and collaboration reduce rework so happier developers can expand product roadmaps instead of repairing old roads.


Secure the left way. Automated DevSecOps workflows increase uptime by reducing security and compliance risks for cloud operations.


Create, impress, repeat. Increase market share and revenue when your product is on budget, on time, and always up.

“Now it's so easy to deploy something and roll it back if there's an issue. It's taken the stress and the fear out of deploying into production.”

Dave Bullock, Director of Engineering, Wag!

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Terraform Cloud +

Configure GitLab as a Git provider and version control system (VCS) for Terraform Cloud to store plans and sentinel policies to trigger automation pipelines in the cloud.

GitLab Provider

Use Terraform to manage resources on your GitLab instance like groups, projects, users, and more to improve productivity by eliminating an engineer’s dependence on provisioning requests.

Terraform EE + GitLab EE

Provide flexible, template-driven modular workflows via GitLab CI/CD that evoke Terraform plans for Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


Vault is a single security control plane for operations and infrastructure. Many organizations choose Vault to manage Audit Command Language (ACL), secrets, and other sensitive data. As a joint solution, GitLab and Vault provide a cross-functional alternative to error-prone, document-based collaboration methods. Vault is the leading solution for secrets management and one of GitLab’s most popular customer workflow integration requests for DevSecOps.

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