GitLab on VMware Tanzu

Empower your team to continuously deliver better code with the DevOps platform to plan, build, test, and deploy on VMware Tanzu.

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Run anywhere together

Develop cloud native applications for the VMware Tanzu platform. Free workloads from infrastructure to work independently and run anywhere with GitLab – a single solution for everyone on your pipeline. Build, secure, deploy, and migrate applications to VMware services via a complete DevSecOps self-service model with GitLab and Tanzu. The finish line: digital transformation. GitLab gets you there.

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Develop better cloud native applications faster with GitLab and VMware Tanzu

Reduce friction across teams and workflows to compress cycle times with GitLab’s consistent, scalable interface. Iterate faster and innovate together with built-in planning, monitoring, and reporting solutions plus tight VMware Tanzu integration.

One-for-all collaboration

Optimize contributions. From issue tracking to code review, GitLab reduces rework. Happier developers expand product roadmaps instead of repairing old roads.

Unshakable automation

Deploy unstoppable software with DevSecOps. Automated workflows increase uptime by reducing security and compliance risks on VMware Tanzu.

Countless wins

Mature, profit, repeat. Grow your market share and revenue when you continuously deliver on-budget, on-time, and always-up products.

Get started with GitLab and VMware Tanzu Joint Solutions

GitLab is a featured DevOps solution in the VMware Tanzu Marketplace. As an open core platform, GitLab integrates with your current processes so you can adopt an end-to-end software delivery lifecycle while maintaining the investment in your current toolchain. Leverage GitLab and VMware Tanzu joint solutions to create a continuous integration (CI) pipeline with Kubernetes, enable Continuous Verification, and more.

Enabling automated deployments with verified Bitnami images and codified policies enables a Continuous Verification process which can reduce costs, security risks, and potential performance issues. We’re excited to work with partners such as GitLab to empower customers to fully leverage their cloud investments.


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