GitLab on Red Hat

Scale faster and code better together with a the DevOps platform to build, test, and deploy on Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat and GitLab have invested in our joint partnership to be able to deliver the best possible experience for those customers who choose GitLab and Red Hat for helping to modernize their IT infrastructure. Customers can be assured of having a best in class solution for their DevOps environments as a result of the joint testing and Red Hat certification for the GitLab Runner.


From big ideas to deploying on Kubernetes

Iterate faster and innovate together using a single solution for everyone on your pipeline. GitLab is an end-to-end source code management (SCM) and continuous integration (CI) solution for scaling modern applications on Red Hat OpenShift. Leverage GitLab’s tight Kubernetes integration to simplify containerized workload deployments on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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DevOps and Cloud Native App Development

Deploying GitLab and Red Hat OpenShift together supports an organization’s journey to DevOps and cloud native application development, while delivering the powerful CI/CD platform needed to build and run your applications. Software delivery cycle times are collapsed with higher efficiency across all stages of the development lifecycle.

Learn more about Red Hat OpenShift and how to install the GitLab operator.

Develop better cloud native applications faster with GitLab and Red Hat OpenShift

Shrink cycle times and expand possibilities by driving efficiency at every stage of your software development process with GitLab. Unlock built-in planning, monitoring, and reporting solutions to enable and secure your public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments on Red Hat OpenShift.

Creative contributions

Code what matters. Version control and collaboration reduce rework so happier developers can expand product roadmaps instead of repairing old roads.

Worry-free workflows

Armor your automation. Increase uptime by reducing security and compliance risks on public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Reliable results

Succeed, repeat. Increase market share and revenue when your product is on budget, on time, and always up.

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No matter where you’re at in your development journey, GitLab gets it. As an open core platform, GitLab gives you the freedom to maintain the investment in your current toolchain as you modernize. Cloud native developers prefer GitLab’s hybrid cloud CI/CD pipeline and rely on its multicloud strategy with workflow portability to increase operational efficiencies.

GitLab can accelerate software development and deployment of applications while Red Hat Enterprise Linux can act as the more secure, fully managed OS that can scale with the application. The inclusion of new DevOps tools in Red Hat’s hybrid cloud technologies, like service mesh, empowers developers to iterate faster on a foundation of trusted enterprise Linux.


Red Hat's partner ecosystem is a vital component to delivering innovative, flexible and open solutions. We are pleased to collaborate with GitLab to build, test and certify GitLab Runner in order to help joint customers modernize IT infrastructure and support on-premise and multi-cloud environments.


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