Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at GitLab

We’re thrilled to share our inaugural ESG report.

Deeply integrated into the business philosophy, GitLab’s ESG strategy is driven by our values of Collaboration, Results, Efficiency, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Iteration, and Transparency (CREDIT). Read the full report in our handbook.

Download our Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) ESG Report Highlights

Environmental, Social, and Governance

FY23 ESG Highlights


We conducted our first greenhouse gas inventory. In FY23, GitLab’s net corporate emissions were 16,654 metric tons of CO₂e

Launched Elevate, our leadership development course to upskill managers

Women's History Month 2023

We beat our representation goal by 7% for Women in Senior Leadership

The GitLab Foundation launched with a mission focused on supporting individuals, families, and communities to grow their lifetime earnings through education, training, access to opportunities, and systems change on a global scale

We received our ISO 27001 certification to include ISO 27017:2015 cloud security standard, and ISO 27018:2019 privacy standard

GitLab Marketing Icon Agile

We improved the developer experience with AI, by investing in AI through the UnReview acquisition, and by launching Suggested Reviewers, and AI Assisted Code Suggestions, which is GitLab’s first AI powered features which help improve developer productivity and efficiency all within a single application

In 2022, we completed a materiality assessment to determine which ESG topics are most important to our business and our stakeholders. Through engagement with both internal and external stakeholders, we explored which ESG topics have the greatest impact on GitLab’s business, and where we have the potential to have the greatest impact on people, society and the environment. Six topics rose to the top.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Part of doing responsible business means minimizing our environmental footprint. In May 2023, we completed our first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. We will use the results of the inventory to better understand our key sources of emissions, set reduction goals using FY23 as a baseline, develop a reduction plan, and educate our fully remote team on how they can understand and reduce their GHG emissions at home.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB)

DIB is fundamental to the success of GitLab and as such, is one of our core values. We incorporate the value of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging into all that we do – it’s not just an aspect of GitLab, it is GitLab. As a global company, we strive for a team that is representative of our users. As such, we aim to create a work environment that is transparent in nature and fosters a space in which everyone is welcomed. Read GitLab's DIB report.

Social 1

Talent and Engagement

We're a team of helpful, passionate people who want to see each other, GitLab, and the broader GitLab community succeed. We care about what our team members achieve: the code shipped, the user that was made happy, and the team member that was helped.

Social 2

Information Security and Privacy

At GitLab, we know how much security and privacy matter to our customers and stakeholders. We maintain a formal Security Assurance department responsible for monitoring and reporting on GitLab's compliance with various security frameworks and standards. For more information on our approach to information security and data privacy, please visit our Trust Center.

Governance 1

Responsible Product Development

GitLab's product mission is to consistently create products and experiences that users love and value. Responsible product development is integral to this mission. We are committed to secure and ethical operations as an organization and, beyond that, strive to set an example by empowering our wider GitLab community to build and work with the highest levels of security through our DevSecOps platform.

Governance 2

Business Ethics

GitLab is committed to the highest standards of legal and ethical business conduct and has long operated its business consistent with written operating principles and policies that reinforce this commitment.

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