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*The GitLab for Nonprofit Program operates on a first come-first served basis each year. Once we reach our donation limit, the application will no longer be available.

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GitLab is a single platform for project management, collaboration, source control management, git automation, security and much more. Because it is easy to use, flexible, and all in one place, it is the best choice for nonprofits to scale their work. The GitLab for Nonprofits Program gives free licenses of GitLab to registered nonprofit organizations.

GitLab is our canvas for workflow across our nonprofit organization. It allows us to do everything from plan and manage the workloads for our teams, all the way to the CI/CD pipelines which automate efforts ranging from routine tasks, to platform deployments in our various environments. Whether it's documenting processes in place with issue templates, or structuring organization wide initiatives with interdependent issues, epics, and milestones; GitLab gives us the structure we need, with the flexibility to meet our unique needs."
Mike Bowie Chief Technology Officer, Last Mile

Why nonprofits choose GitLab

One platform for the entire lifecycle

With a single application for the entire software delivery lifecycle, your teams can focus on shipping great software — not maintaining numerous toolchain integrations. You’ll improve communication, end-to-end visibility, security, cycle times, onboarding, and much more.

Deploy to any environment or cloud

GitLab is cloud-neutral, so you have the freedom to use it how and where you want — giving you the flexibility to change and add cloud providers as you grow. Deploy seamlessly to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and beyond.

Built-in security

With GitLab, security and compliance are built into every stage of the software delivery lifecycle, enabling your team to identify vulnerabilities earlier and making development faster and more efficient. As your startup grows, you’ll be able to manage risk without sacrificing speed.

Create and deploy software faster

GitLab enables you to decrease cycle times and deploy more frequently with less effort. Do everything from planning new features to automated testing and release orchestration, all in a single application.

Stronger collaboration

Break down silos and empower everyone in your company to collaborate around your code — from development, security, and operations teams to business teams and non-technical stakeholders. With The DevSecOps Platform, you can increase visibility across the entire lifecycle and help improve communication for everyone working together to move software projects forward.

Open source platform

GitLab’s open core gives you all the benefits of open source software, including the opportunity to leverage the innovations of thousands of developers worldwide continuously working to improve and refine it.

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