GitLab for platform engineering

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Build a foundation for platform engineering with workflows-as-a-service for the entire software development lifecycle.

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There’s a better, more efficient way to build software

Developers are overloaded with tasks outside their area of expertise

Many developers aren’t experts at tasks such as creating secure and efficient automation scripts for continuous integration (CI). Making these scripts available in a self-service portal saves developers’ time and reduces the risk of human error.

Organizations struggle to share best practices

Developers in one part of the organization are creating workflows, pipelines, and configurations that might be useful to others. Sharing predefined, customizable templates across the organization means no one has to reinvent the wheel every time.

Having too many DevOps tools hampers collaboration

When different teams use different software delivery toolchains and different workflows, collaboration takes a hit. Bringing everyone together into a single platform ensures there’s no disconnect.

Platform engineering accelerates software development by providing DevSecOps teams with a single self-service portal for tools and workflows — reducing cognitive load and making software delivery more scalable.

GitLab: The gold standard for platform engineering teams

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Boost productivity and efficiency

Reusable CI/CD components

The GitLab CI/CD Catalog — a central hub for discovering and reusing components — helps developers move faster and ensures knowledge can be more evenly distributed across the organization.

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Automated security and compliance

GitLab is the only DevSecOps platform that includes native security and compliance capabilities at all stages of the software development lifecycle, enabling teams to find and fix problems when they’re cheaper and easier to solve.

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AI throughout the software development lifecycle

GitLab gives teams a central place to discover AI-powered capabilities — from code suggestions to explanations of security vulnerabilities to root cause analysis — that accelerate every aspect of software development.

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Drive efficiency with data

End-to-end visibility and insights

GitLab brings data from every part of the software delivery lifecycle into a single place so everyone involved in software development has access to the latest information.

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Productivity metrics and analytics

GitLab is the only DevSecOps platform built on a unified data store, enabling teams to easily track key metrics, assess the impact of process improvements, and drill down into roadblocks.

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Security dashboards and vulnerability reports

From built-in CI/CD pipeline templates to automatic code testing, a single platform for software delivery enables developers to focus on building high-quality applications, without context-switching.

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Foster collaboration at scale

Out-of-the-box pipeline templates and automation

Bringing everyone into the same platform streamlines communication and helps developers stay in the loop on strategy and scope — enabling more efficient planning, building, testing, securing, deployment, and monitoring of code.

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Accessible documentation and wikis

Each GitLab project includes a wiki: a central place to provide documentation, share best practices, or organize information right alongside the code — so teams don’t have to switch to a separate tool.

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Built-in integrations

GitLab provides a unified framework for producing quality software that organizations can easily extend with built-in integrations for common tools.

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