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Sameer Farooqui, OctoML
Feb 23, 2023

Machine learning and DevSecOps: Inside the OctoML/GitLab integration

MLOps and DevSecOps teams can unify their workflows and gain automation and cost efficiencies. Read on

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How to strengthen security by applying DevSecOps principles

Feb 23, 2023

Learn how to apply DevSecOps principles today and discover the power of DevSecOps.

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It’s time to really put the Sec in DevSecOps

Feb 2, 2023

Organizations may tack on security to DevOps but unless they wholly integrate it, they will miss out on DevSecOps benefits.

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GitLab’s 2023 predictions: What’s next for DevSecOps?

Jan 26, 2023

Check out insights on securing the supply chain, new uses for AI/ML, and more.

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