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Open source software is a great way to learn new skills and hone existing ones, while perfecting products that are used and loved by millions around the world. Open source inspires us in a way that nothing else quite does. Dmitriy needed a tool to help his own team collaborate better, so he created GitLab as an open source project from his home in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Seven years later, we reached 2,000 contributors, and we’re the proud home of hundreds of thousands of public projects built by our incredible community. Now, we’re removing the barrier to entry for newcomers by offering a single tool, simplified workflow, and slick onboarding experience.

To stay true to our mission of being good open source stewards, public projects on GitLab.com get access to our highest tier of features for free, plus 50,000 free CI pipeline minutes.

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GitLab Ultimate or Gold free for Open Source projects

GitLab exists today in large part thanks to the work of hundreds of thousands of open source contributors around the world. To give back to this community that gives us so much, we want to help teams be more efficient, secure, and productive. We believe the best way for them to achieve this is by using as many of the capabilities of GitLab as possible.

It has already been the case for years that any public project on GitLab.com gets all Gold features. We are happy to now offer a complimentary license to GitLab Ultimate (self-managed) or subscription to GitLab Gold (SaaS) to all open source projects.

Any project that uses an OSI-approved open source license and which does not seek to make a profit from the resulting project software may apply ( full OSS terms ).

How to apply

  1. Create a MR to add your project to a list of GitLab Ultimate or Gold Open Source Projects
  2. Fill out the form below

Once you sign the quote that you'll receive shortly, the EULA will be automatically sent to the email you enter in the application form. When you accept it, you’ll receive the license key (for Ultimate), or further instructions on how to authenticate your groups (for Gold).


If you have any other questions regarding the GitLab Open Source Program, feel free to reach us at opensource@gitlab.com

Marketo forms might not render properly in Firefox, so please disable tracking protection for about.gitlab.com on the Firefox URL bar if you can't see the form.
The number of seats is the number of different users that will use this license in the next year.
These licenses need to be renewed annually.

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"Free software really democratizes things and allows more people to contribute to solving the world's problems."

Nuritzi Sanchez
President, Board of Directors, GNOME

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We think there’s something magical about building free software with free software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to apply for every OSS project separately?

    The subscription is going to be for a group, so only one application will be enough. Apply with your most representative project.

  2. Can I use this license for my non-open source projects as well?

    No. The GitLab license can be used only for the open source projects it was approved for.

  1. What is the benefit for hosted projects on GitLab.com?

    While all public projects hosted on GitLab.com have access to Gold features at the project level for free, this does not include group-level features.

    The Open Source license provides the additional ability to use Gold group-level features (e.g. Epics, Roadmap).