GitLab for Open Source

Enroll in the GitLab for Open Source Program and receive features of GitLab Ultimate, self-managed or SaaS, including 50,000 compute minutes calculated at a program-specific cost factor.

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Every project in your namespace must be published under an OSI-approved open source license.

Your organization can accept donations to sustain its work, but it can't seek to make a profit by selling services, by charging for enhancements or add-ons, or by other means.

Both your group or self-managed instance and your source code must be publicly visible and publicly available.

Read our full list of program requirements and exceptions to determine whether your project qualifies.

Important notes

Program members don't receive support.

You'll need to renew your program membership annually. If you don’t renew, your account will be downgraded.

All program members are subject to the GitLab for Open Source Program Agreement.

Have questions about the application?

Read our FAQs for more information

Open source program application

Before applying or renewing
  • Create a GitLab account. You can begin either a Free-tier account or Ultimate trial. If you're considering a migration, note that you won’t need to have finished the migration before applying to the GitLab for Open Source Program.
  • Take screenshots. During the application process, you'll need to provide three screenshots of your project. We suggest taking them in advance, since you’ll need to submit them on the second page of the application form.
What to expect
  • Wait time. Gitlab uses SheerID, a trusted partner, to verify that you meet the GitLab for Open Source requirements. In most cases, you can expect a decision about your application within 15 business days. You may be asked to provide additional information.
  • After you're verified. If you qualify for the GitLab for Open Source Program, you'll receive a verification email with specific instructions for obtaining your license. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Applications will not be processed during U.S. holidays. Expect delayed responses during those periods.

Help and support

If you experience any issues obtaining your license in the Customer Portal please open a support ticket on the GitLab Support Portal and Select “Licensing and Renewal Problems.”

Frequently asked questions

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