GitLab Heroes: Building GitLab together

GitLab Heroes engages, supports, connects, and recognizes members of the wider GitLab community who make outstanding contributions to GitLab and our community around the globe.

Become a GitLab Hero

Be a Hero

At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute. In that spirit, we believe everyone in our community can become a GitLab Hero.

If you are new to GitLab and looking to get started contributing to our community, we have many ways to contribute. You can improve documentation, contribute code, organize a GitLab meetup, give a tech talk, or write a blog post.

If you are active in our community and organizing meetups, recording demos for YouTube, giving talks at conferences and events, writing technical blog posts, or contributing to our open source project, we want to engage, support, and recognize you for your contribution as a GitLab Hero.

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Heroes Rewards

  • Invitations to special events including GitLab Commit
  • Support for travel to speak about GitLab at events
  • GitLab Ultimate licenses
  • Special Heroes swag so people know how awesome you are
  • Access to GitLab's product, engineering, and developer evangelism teams to help with reviews of talks and blog posts

Attributes of a Hero

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The Hero's Journey

GitLab Heroes has three levels progressing from Contributor to Hero to Superhero. Below you will see example contributions and rewards for each level.
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Be a Contributor

  • Contribute 5 merged MRs (or one awesome MR!) to improve GitLab - the application, website, or docs
  • Contribute 5 merged MRs to a project that is part of the GitLab for Open Source program
  • Organize a GitLab meetup group
  • Give multiple tech talks about GitLab
  • Publish 3 blog posts about GitLab
  • Actively contribute to the GitLab forum and GitLab issues
  • Unique Heroes swag
  • Support from GitLab's Community Relations teams
  • Shoutouts on the GitLab Company Call & social media
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Be a Hero

  • Contribute 10 merged MRs to improve GitLab
  • Be a maintainer of a project that is part of the GitLab for Open Source program
  • Organize 8 GitLab meetup events per year
  • Present about GitLab at a regional conference
  • Post 5 YouTube videos about GitLab
  • Most hearts received in a quarter on the forum
  • Rewards of Contributor, plus:
  • Free GitLab Ultimate license for personal use
  • Invites to conferences and GitLab events
  • Support when traveling to events to talk about GitLab
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Be a Superhero

  • Serve on GitLab's Core Team
  • Organize 12 GitLab meetup events per year
  • Give a keynote about GitLab at a global conference
  • Publish an article or video about GitLab with 10,000 views
  • Most hearts received in a year on the forum
  • Rewards of Hero, plus:
  • Access to GitLab team members for help with content
  • Coaching to build technology thought leadership

Meet the Heroes

GitLab Heroes is a global community of contributors.
Huss EL-Sheikh

Huss EL-Sheikh

GitLab Hero

CTO & Co-founder at 9fin
Niclas Mietz

Niclas Mietz

GitLab Hero

Cloud Engineer | Courious Hacker | Open Source User, Contributor & Maintainer
Irtiza Ali

Irtiza Ali

GitLab Hero

DevOps Engineer at Onebyte
Akanksha Bhasin

Akanksha Bhasin

GitLab Hero

Web Developer, Conversational Designer, Voice enthusiast, Community lead.
Meet the GitLab Heroes

Recent Contributions

GitLab Heroes contribute in a variety of ways including code, content, and community engagement.
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Gitlab Heroes logo Riccardo Padovani

Gitlab Heroes contribution type


Blog post

Configura tu propio GitLab Runner

Gitlab Heroes logo Mario Garcia

Gitlab Heroes contribution type



Added severity to issues REST API

Gitlab Heroes logo Raimund Hook

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