GitLab Dedicated

GitLab Enterprise DevSecOps Platform as a single-tenant SaaS deployment

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A single-tenant DevSecOps platform

The flexibility and efficiency of a SaaS solution

GitLab fully manages and deploys the DevSecOps platform in a region of your choice, enabling you to focus on achieving speed, agility, and efficiencies

The control and compliance of a self-hosted solution

GitLab Dedicated enables you to meet complex compliance standards by offering full data and source code IP isolation, data residency, and private networking

An enterprise DevSecOps platform with no maintenance overhead

Zero platform maintenance overhead with access to the latest software versions and security updates

GitLab is trusted by more than 50% of the Fortune 100

NatWest Group is adopting GitLab Dedicated to enable our engineers to use a common cloud engineering platform; delivering new customer outcomes rapidly, frequently and securely with high quality, automated testing, on demand infrastructure and straight-through deployment. This will significantly enhance collaboration, improve developer productivity and unleash creativity via a 'single-pane-of-glass' for software development."
Adam Leggett Platform Lead - Engineering Platforms, NatWest

Forrester study: GitLab enabled 427% ROI

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return on investment


increase in number of annual releases


improved development and delivery efficiency

<6 months

payback period


Compliant + Flexible: GitLab Dedicated

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GitLab Dedicated: Single tenant SaaS is generally available

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