GitLab Dedicated single-tenant SaaS now generally available

Andrew Thomas ·
Jun 15, 2023 · 3 min read

Last year, we launched the Limited Availability release of GitLab Dedicated, a fully managed, single-tenant SaaS deployment of our comprehensive DevSecOps platform designed to address the needs of customers with stringent compliance requirements. Since then, we’ve worked closely with our Limited Availability customers, incorporating their feedback into targeted improvements and essential new features.

We are excited to share that GitLab Dedicated is now generally available, complete with compliance features such as the ability for customers to encrypt the data stored in their instance with their own encryption key.

With GitLab Dedicated, organizations can access all of the benefits of the DevSecOps platform – including faster releases, better security, and more productive developers – while satisfying compliance requirements such as data residency, isolation, and private networking.

According to GitLab’s 2023 Global DevSecOps Survey, 44% of operations professionals said that their current role involves managing hardware and/or infrastructure “all of the time” or “most of the time.” GitLab Dedicated alleviates that burden, enabling organizations to focus on their core business model and meet their compliance needs without the overhead of managing a complex DevSecOps environment.

Flexibility and convenience

Organizations can achieve a lower total cost of ownership and quicker time to value with GitLab Dedicated, compared to hosting the platform themselves, while maintaining high operational standards.

A fully managed solution: When software is not upgraded to the latest versions, organizations use obsolete and inefficient software that can be exposed to security threats. Because GitLab Dedicated is fully managed by GitLab, customers get access to the latest software features and security updates.

Data residency in the region of your choice: Customers frequently ask us about data residency to meet stringent compliance requirements, which vary across different regions around the world. GitLab Dedicated can be deployed in 30+ regions to meet these requirements.

High availability and scalability: To meet the needs of large or rapidly scaling organizations, GitLab Dedicated uses a cloud native architecture that can support up to 50,000 users, with a disaster recovery plan and availability targets to satisfy reliability needs.

Control and compliance

The need to have control over data and achieve compliance has never been greater. GitLab Dedicated offers data residency, tenant isolation, and private networking to help customers meet stringent compliance requirements.

Enterprise-grade security: Customers require assurance that their data and access to their data is secure. GitLab Dedicated allows customers to implement necessary controls to protect their software delivery platform and meet compliance requirements. This includes access control using SAML-based authentication and authorization, secure communications with IP allow lists, private connectivity, and data encryption both at rest and in transit.

Full data and source code IP isolation: As a single-tenant deployment, GitLab Dedicated helps to isolate data and source code from other tenants. Customers can also choose to encrypt the data stored in their instance with their own encryption key.

Full control over your data: While GitLab fully manages the DevSecOps platform, customers have full control over the data it hosts, the region the data resides in, and securing the data themselves. Customers also retain full administrative access to the DevSecOps platform itself.

Looking ahead: AI and GitLab Dedicated

GitLab Dedicated is a single-tenant deployment preferred by organizations with complex compliance requirements, so we plan to integrate AI into GitLab Dedicated without compromising on compliance requirements like data residency, isolation, and predictability.

To learn more about what’s coming, follow the GitLab Dedicated roadmap.

Learn more about GitLab Dedicated

GitLab Dedicated includes all of the capabilities of GitLab Ultimate, with the added benefits of single-tenant architecture, regional data residency, and platform management by GitLab. With GitLab Dedicated, customers can realize operational efficiencies and deliver secure software faster.

Learn more about GitLab Dedicated today.

“Want the flexibility and convenience of SaaS with the control and compliance of self-hosted? @gitlab Dedicated is for you.” – Andrew Thomas

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