Blog News Introducing GitLab Dedicated, our new single-tenant SaaS offering
November 30, 2022
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Introducing GitLab Dedicated, our new single-tenant SaaS offering

Learn more about this offering, why we developed it and how customers can be added to our limited availability waitlist.


Today, we are excited to officially announce the limited availability of GitLab Dedicated, a new way to use our enterprise DevSecOps platform as a single-tenant SaaS offering. This new offering provides all of the benefits of an enterprise DevSecOps platform, with an added focus on data residency, isolation, and private networking to meet compliance needs.

At GitLab, we serve a wide variety of customers — from small start-ups and community organizations to the largest global enterprises — and we know that no single deployment model will serve the needs of all of our customers.

GitLab customers have told us they need a SaaS offering that provides additional deployment control and data residency to meet stringent compliance requirements. We see this need with large enterprises and companies in regulated industries that are coming under increased scrutiny, facing global internet policy fragmentation, and are dealing with the expanding complexity of data governance. The need to be compliant and secure has never been greater.

Even non-regulated organizations find compliance a real threat to productivity and profits. In our 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey, we found that operations professionals are increasingly responsible for all compliance, and a majority of them spend between one-quarter and one-half of their work week managing compliance and audits. That’s a 15% increase from 2021.

When multi-tenant SaaS is not an option

In many organizations, the cloud is a substantive way to consume enterprise applications without the overhead of self-hosting. But for some industries, the multi-tenant nature of cloud-based SaaS services makes it an impossible choice due to regulatory restrictions. Some organizations need more choice between how they manage their data and where that data sits, and these decisions shouldn't have to come at the expense of efficiency and productivity.

Balance compliance with speed and efficiency with single-tenant SaaS

I’m excited that we are offering a new deployment option by making our DevSecOps platform available as a single-tenant SaaS solution. GitLab Dedicated provides all of the benefits of an enterprise DevSecOps platform with a focus on data residency, isolation, and private networking to meet compliance needs. With GitLab Dedicated, organizations can leverage the efficiency of the cloud while still getting a completely isolated instance — without the need to deploy and manage a DevSecOps platform and cloud infrastructure themselves.

Data residency and protection

GitLab Dedicated enables organizations to respond to the increasing number of countries and regions that are establishing unique data residency rules. By choosing the cloud region that works for them and their regional requirements, organizations can keep their data local to meet data isolation and residency requirements. It’s an efficient way to stay compliant and performant without the overhead of self-hosting.

To further protect customer data, GitLab Dedicated supports a secure, private connection between the organization’s network and our service. This means that users, data, and services have secure access to the isolated instance without exposing services directly to the internet.

Managed and hosted by GitLab

GitLab Dedicated is not only single-tenant, region-based, and privately connected, but it’s also managed and hosted by GitLab and deployed in the customer’s cloud region of choice. Organizations can quickly realize the value of a DevSecOps platform without requiring staff to build out and manage infrastructure. Organizations get all of the benefits of GitLab — shorter cycle times, lower costs, stronger security and more productive developers — with lower total cost of ownership and quicker time to value than hosting themselves.

Join the waitlist

I’m truly excited to announce limited availability of GitLab Dedicated, which will bring more flexibility and greater choice to enterprise customers and organizations in highly regulated industries that have complex compliance and data residency requirements. The offering provides the efficiencies of the cloud, but with infrastructure-level isolation and data residency controls.

As we scale this new offering, we are making GitLab Dedicated available by inviting customers to join our waitlist. You can learn more and join the waitlist on our website and get more information about the direction of the offering and the timeline to General Availability.

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