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Fulfillment Releases

Past Releases

Milestone 13.9

End of Availability of Bronze/Starter

SaaS Billable Members iterations Sales Support
  1. Add "Last Activity Date" to the Billable Members API Issue
Make cancelled subscription more obvious Sales Support

Customers frequently contact support and sales to request a cancellation of their subscription despite the subscription already being set to cancel at the end of the term. This quick change applies a visual Cancels in [x] days/weeks/months label on the subscription record to draw user attention to this detail.

Allow users to renew an expired subscription Sales Support

As per the Sales/Finance policy of updating customer subscriptions to cancelled and closing the respective Renewal opportunity 30 days after subscription term end date, we should allow the customer to renew their expired subscription within with a 30 day grace period as well.

Milestone 13.8

Add company size to salesforce account create record Sales

Now capturing number of employees for new subscription and passing to SFDC in order to enable individual SMB sales quotas via segmentation and location data.

SaaS Billable Members iterations Sales Support
  1. Allow users to search the Seat Usage members list Issue
Subscription expiration banner not dismissable Sales Support

Milestone 13.7

User cap to limit accidental user overage [Self-managed] Sales Support
Automate Auto-Renewal process for billing team in CustomersDot Finance

This work will prevent the current manual processing on the part of the finance team which is estimated to save over 100 hours of administrative processing monthly.

Incorrect Max and Users over license counts for non-12 month subscriptions Sales Support
SaaS Billable Members iterations Sales Support
  1. We've created a Seat Usage page as the next iteration in a series of earmarked improvements to our SaaS Billable Members toolset. Group owners can now view a listing of the billable users associated with the root group in the Seat Usage page. Issue
  2. Add email address to Seat Usage table. If the user has elected to make their email address private, we will display private, otherwise, we are now displaying email address to group owners via the Seat Usage page. Issue
Self-service purchasing improvements [SaaS] Sales Support
  1. Allow SaaS customers to manually renew their subscription. Issue
  2. Allow users to Add Seats in-app, from the root group namespace Issue
  3. Allow users to Renew in-app, from the root group namespace Issue

Milestone 13.6

Ability to purchase and automatically allocate additional storage Sales Support
Allow for user growth while an order is processed [Self-managed] Sales
Free namespaces should display the number of seats currently in use Sales Support
When pending members are approved by admins, log activity in Audit Events Sales Support

With the recent addition of Users pending approval, we have enabled admins to track who approves members via Audit Events.

Display subscription name and end date for GitLab groups in admin Support

An awesome Support Team Contribution which now displays the subscription name and end date in the GitLab Groups page of CustomersDot admin.

Milestone 13.5

Manual EULA process is now deprecated Sales Support
Provide customers with tools to identify Billable Members Support Sales
  1. Update Users API to include billable members [Self Managed]
    • Past behavior: There was no easy way to get a list of the billable members on an instance.
    • New behavior: Self-managed customers are able to get a list of the billable users on their instance. The list of users who take up a license seat should correspond with their billable users count on their Admin dashboard.
    • Issue
  2. API endpoint for billable members [SAAS]
    • Past behavior: There was no easy way for a customer to get a list of their billable members on their group
    • New behavior: Customers can now use the billable members API endpoint to get a list of billable members
    • Issue, Documentation
  3. Static UI list of billable members [SAAS]
    • Past behavior: There was no easy way for a customer to get a list of their billable members on their group.
    • New behavior: Customers can now look at their group's billing page for a list of users that take up a seat on their subscription.
    • Issue
CI Minutes updates for Free tier subscribers Sales Support Finance
  1. Updated monthly CI minutes allotment for free namespaces to 400
  2. Updated the purchase price for additional CI minutes to $10/1000 minutes
Original discounts are no longer available at renewal Sales Support Finance
All invoices are available in Sales Support Finance
Self-managed Billable Users Sales Support Finance

In self-managed instances, we've changed labels to Billable Userswhere we are explicitly referring to users which are counted as taking up a license seat. This is to reduce confusion around inconsistency in using Active users within the admin pages.

Notify admins as instance approaches user limit Sales Support

As the self-managed instances approaches the subscribed user limit, we are now sending an email to all admins of the instance to prevent undesired surprise user overages.

Project Bot no longer taking up seat Sales Support

The Access team recently released a new Project Access Token feature which creates a GitLab-generated Bot users. This bot was taking up a license seat in the instance. We have now fixed this and moving forward, Project Bot will no longer take up a license seat. Unfortunately the Max User Count will not update for anyone who was affected by this.

Minimum inactivity period for deactivation Sales Support

We've updated the requirement from 180 days to 90 days which allows admin to deactivate users more timely.

Renewals booked at list Sales

Renewals processed in are now booking at list price. Prior to this change, the deals were closing at the discounted subscription amount if one was ever provided in the past.

Improved SaaS subscription internal administration tools Sales Support
  1. Ability to search admin by group name
  2. Added "Max Seats Used" to GitLab Groups page on admin

Upcoming Releases

Milestone 13.10

SaaS Billable Members iterations Sales Support
  1. Allow group owners to remove users from the subscription Issue
  2. Add "Last Activity Date" to the Billable Members UI Issue
Pass namespace to Salesforce Opportunity and Zuora Subscription Sales Support
Ultimate is inaccurately counting guests and users without group/project as using a seat Sales Support
Send Group Owners email to make them aware of unlinked subscriptions Sales Support
Deprovision expired SaaS subscription upon expiration date Sales Support
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