Product Vision - Fulfillment

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This is the product vision for Fulfillment. Fulfillment manages a variety of categories that are important for GitLab's ongoing success such as licensing, billing, and telemetry.

If you'd like to discuss this vision directly with the product manager for Fulfillment, feel free to reach out to Jeremy Watson via e-mail, Twitter, or by scheduling a video call.

Fulfillment manages several product categories:

Category Description
Licensing ( Covers all aspects of our licensing model, from how we count seats and conduct true-up to how we count active seats and keep the customer informed on their seat utilization.
Transactions ( How customers pay for GitLab. Licensing is about how we package GitLab as an offering, whereas Transactions is about how we fulfill those business relationships and how we make doing business with GitLab a great experience for both self-managed and
Telemetry (usage statistics, version check) Help instances understand more about how people are using GitLab.

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Immediate priorities

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How we prioritize

We follow the same prioritization guidelines as the product team at large. Issues tend to flow from having no milestone, to being added to the backlog, to a directional milestone (e.g. Next 3-4 releases), and are finally assigned a specific milestone.

Our entire public backlog for Manage can be viewed here, and can be filtered by labels or milestones. If you find something you are interested in, you're encouraged to jump into the conversation and participate. At GitLab, everyone can contribute!