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Published on: January 17, 2024
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GitLab Duo Pro combines Code Suggestions, Chat, and organizational controls

AI-powered code completion, code generation, chat, and per-user assignment come to the GitLab DevSecOps Platform as a secure add-on.


This blog has been updated to include GitLab Duo Chat (in Beta) as part of the GitLab Duo Pro add-on.

Last year, we launched GitLab Duo Code Suggestions into general availability as the cornerstone of our GitLab Duo suite of AI capabilities that power DevSecOps workflows. We received incredibly positive feedback from our customers on the ease of use and effectiveness of Code Suggestions' code completion and code generation capabilities.

Now, we are introducing GitLab Duo Pro, a new package that brings together Code Suggestions, Chat, and organizational control capabilities, ensuring that teams can take advantage of AI exactly where they need it throughout the software development lifecycle.

Get started with GitLab Duo Pro

GitLab Duo Pro, which is available to Ultimate and Premium customers as an add-on, boosts developer efficiency and effectiveness by decreasing the time required to write and understand code. With GitLab Duo Pro, organizations can set up their DevSecOps teams for success by giving them the AI-assisted tools they need to develop secure code faster, improve collaboration, and reduce the security and compliance risks of AI adoption.

GitLab Duo Pro features:

  • Code Suggestions: AI-powered code completion and code generation
  • Chat (Beta): Provides real-time guidance on coding, refactoring, and test generation
  • Privacy-first approach: Your code stays your code — GitLab does not use it for training or fine-tuning AI models
  • Organizational controls: GitLab Duo Pro enables organizations to have greater control over AI by limiting AI usage to approved users only

GitLab Duo Pro is available across SaaS, self-managed, and Dedicated deployments.

What is GitLab Duo Pro?

With GitLab Duo Pro, developers can access Code Suggestions to generate blocks of code from single- and multi-line comments as well as comment blocks. Code Suggestions also autocompletes lines of code from a few typed characters — improving cycle times by securely taking care of repetitive, routine coding tasks.

GitLab Duo Pro also includes Chat (Beta), which is helpful for technical and non-technical users across the entire software development lifecycle. Chat assists in explaining unfamiliar code, suggesting and generating tests, and simplifying code. You can also use Chat to write code from scratch interactively. Whether you are onboarding to GitLab or you are already an expert, learning how to use GitLab is streamlined with Chat.

Organizational controls are provided in GitLab Duo Pro for better management of AI capabilities, including per-user assignment, so only approved users can use AI.

GitLab Duo Pro is built with privacy as a critical foundation. Private, non-public customer code stored in GitLab is not used for training or fine-tuning AI models. Learn about data usage when using GitLab Duo Pro Code Suggestions.

Get GitLab Duo Pro today

GitLab Duo Pro is currently available at a special introductory price of $9 USD per user/month to Ultimate and Premium customers. Beginning on February 1, 2024, GitLab Duo Pro will be available for $19 USD per user/month. Contact us today to get started with GitLab Duo Pro.

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