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Product Vision - Geo


Geo's role in GitLab is to help our users bring their data closer. Geo provides an easily configurable read-only mirror of a GitLab installation that is complete, accurate, verifiable and efficient.

Our future vision for Geo is to become a distributed solution where users have fine-grained control over the data present on each node. We are hoping to accomplish this in a way that is transparent to the end-user.

Alongside our existing priorities (listed below) we will continue to research the longer term vision of Geo based on customer feedback.

The issue, Next Destination for Geo based on Customer Feedback, is being used to structure the research that is needed.


Where Epic links are not provided below, the content of these projects can be found by looking at our Roadmap Planning Sheet. As projects become more clear they are moved from this sheet into Epics.

There are a handful of other topics in Geo that do not currently fit into the projects listed above. As 2019 progresses we will look at how these align either with existing projects, or new projects.


Alongside the priorities above, we need to address housekeeping items to keep the code manageable and of good quality. The contents of these can be found on our Roadmap Planning Sheet.