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Category Strategy - Backup and Restore

🗄 Backup and Restore

Introduction and how you can help

Please reach out to Fabian Zimmer, Product Manager for the Geo group (Email) if you'd like to provide feedback or ask any questions related to this product category.

This strategy is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute:

Current state

⚠️ Since the beginning of 2020, the Geo Group is responsible for this category; All data generated by GitLab should be easy to backup and restore - independent of the size of the GitLab deployments. New features should ship with backup support out of the box.

Target audience and experience

Backup and restore tools are primarily used by Sidney - (Systems Administrator)

For more information on how we use personas and roles at GitLab, please click here.

What's Next & Why

We need to assess the current issue backlog and decide on product direction and priorities.

What is not planned right now

We are just in the process of defining the product direction and are not in a position to answer this yet.

Maturity plan

This category is currently at the minimal maturity level, and our next maturity target is complete (see our definitions of maturity levels).

In order to move this category from minimal to complete, is to understand the current backlog and prioritize performance issues and feature requests. You can track the work in the viable maturity epic.

Competitive landscape

We do need to understand the backup landscape better by doing more market research and engaging with customers.

Analyst landscape

We do need to interact more closely with analysts to understand the landscape better.

Top customer success/sales issue(s)

Not yet available.

Top user issues

Top internal customer issues/epics

Not yet available.

Top strategy item(s)

Not yet available.