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Category Direction - Build Artifacts

Build Artifacts

Artifacts are files created as part of a build process that often contain metadata about that build's jobs like test results, security scans, etc. These can be used for reports that are displayed directly in GitLab or can be published to GitLab Pages or in some other way for users to review. These artifacts can provide a wealth of knowledge to development teams and the users they support.

Job Artifacts and Pipeline Artifacts are both included in the scope of Build Artifacts to empower GitLab CI users to more effectively manage testing capabilities across their software lifecycle in both the gitlab-ci.yml or as the latest output of a job.

For information about storing containers or packages or information about release evidence see the Package Stage direction page.

Additional Resources

For specific information and features related to display of artifact data, check out the GitLab Features and for information about administration of artifacts please reference the Job Artifact documentation. You may also be looking for one of the related direction pages from the Verify Stage.

What's Next & Why

To begin working on our goal of providing a great artifact experience for both operators and users of GitLab there are some opportunities we can address. These are listed in priority order in this table.

  Challenge Related Epics & Issues
1 Build Artifact Usage is not being reported correctly. gitlab&5380
2 Artifacts are hard to manage gitlab&5754
3 Reports from child pipelines are hard to find gitlab&4019

We are also working on adding instrumentation for tracking artifact usage in gitlab#339720 and gitlab#.

Top Customer Success/Sales Issue(s)

The Gitlab Sales teams are looking for more complex ways for customers to make use of Ultimate and Premium features like SAST and DAST with monorepos by letting customers namespace parts of reports to more granular analysis or combining Matrix Builds and Metrics Reports.

Top Customer Issue(s)

The most popular customer request is for the ability to support the generation of multiple artifacts per job to reduce the need for pipeline logic to make select files available to later jobs.

One of our most complicated request, is to handle the expire_at experience in self-managed customers better. Today, our implementation deletes data as expected for users, and shouldn't do the same for self-managed.

Top Internal Customer Issue(s)

The Gitlab quality team has requested the ability to upload artifacts from a job when it fails due to a timeout to assist in debugging those pipeline failures.

The team is also investigating performance issues related to the build artifact feature set as part of our focus on Availability and Performance.

Top Vision Items

To meet our long term vision that enables users to more easily use and manage their Build Artifacts we will need to support better artifact access for parent child pipelines, better management of artifacts through an API to delete artifacts and an API to upload artifacts directly to GitLab without them being generated by a pipeline.

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