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Commit: You belong here

Aug 26th


Commit to better DevOps

Commit 2020 is a 24-hour virtual experience filled with practical DevOps strategies shared by leaders in development, operations, and security. You’ll discover innovative solutions to help you solve your industry's greatest challenges, including enhancing culture and shortening release times.

60+ speakers from 20+ industries presenting over 8+ tracks: All for free. Belong to a community of people passionate about DevOps.


Leading Transformation

Stories about your journey to improve and streamline development and deliver value faster without compromising security or compliance. Where did you start? What did you discover? What can you teach your peers about adopting GitLab and improving your business?

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GitLab How-tos, Tips, and Tricks

Do you have a success story (or a horror story!) you'd like to tell about using GitLab? This is a place to share the lessons you've learned with the broader GitLab community. From primers on setting up labels and using boards to technical deep dives on optimizing your gitlab-ci.yml and configuring Prometheus, this is the place for you. Code snippets, command line, and live demos recommended.

Public Sector - Leading Transformation

Discover how to create an environment that enables your global Public Sector and Regulated Industry workforce to innovate, survive, and succeed @ speed. Learn how teams are streamlining development and designing new paradigms to deliver value faster without compromising security or compliance.

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Cloud Native DevOps

Learn about designing, developing, and deploying multi cloud, secure, resilient, scalable applications using the cloud and Kubernetes.

Remote, but Always Connected

Suddenly remote with more questions than answers? In this track, you'll learn how those in the broader remote work community are turning remote into a competitive advantage through asynchronous collaboration, intentional communication, and newfound work/life harmony.

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Everyone Can Contribute

We’re passionate about building on a diverse, inclusive, balanced community where everyone can contribute. This is the track for those who share our passion. Learn about open source community best practices, how to build diverse communities, how to get started as a contributor to GitLab, and other community-focused topics.

DevSecOps and Compliance

Dive into how teams are reducing risk, shifting left, and addressing security and compliance challenges with GitLab. See how other organizations are integrating compliance into their workflows to create and run compliance management programs that can keep up with accelerated development and the pace of regulatory change.


What to expect

Commit is a 24-hour virtual experience, enabling participants in any time zone to participate in eight different content tracks. Speakers from Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, VMware, State Farm, U.S. Airforce, and others will come together to help you achieve DevOps success. Content tracks will include panels, demos, thought leader presentations. You'll have the opportunity to earn a GitLab certification, interact with partners, speak with DevOps leaders in Q&As, and receive exclusive swag.

Commit is focused on providing practical advice and strategies from people just like you who are trying to get the most out of DevOps, and their day-to-day workflows. Get ready for an intense learning and networking event that'll help you commit to better DevOps. Take a look at the recaps of our first two Commit user conferences below, and register now to belong to a community of individuals leading digital transformation.

Full schedule to be released in July 2020.

GitLab Groundworks

Looking to get GitLab Certified? Join us a during Commit to participate in one of our two GitLab Groundworks workshops. Spend the day with GitLab experts from our Professional Services team, who will guide you through in-depth product demonstrations and hands-on activities. After the session, you’ll be invited to complete assessments and earn a GitLab Certification.

These are paid workshops. Purchasing a workshop is not required to participate in the overall GitLab Commit Virtual experience.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Agile development
  • Source code management

System requirements

In order to register for the optional Groundworks sessions, please add the optional add-on items to your cart when checking out.


GitLab with Git Basics

  • Who it's for
    • Anyone new to Git and GitLab.
  • What you'll learn
    • What GitLab does, why DevOps teams use it, and how it works with Git.
    • Key processes and tasks teams work on in GitLab, such as committing changes, creating branches and merge requests, using a CI/CD pipeline, and accessing security scanning.

GitLab CI/CD

  • Who it's for
    • Technical project leads
  • What you'll learn
    • What CI/CD does, why DevOps teams use it, and how it works within GitLab.
    • How to set up and apply CI/CD inside GitLab.


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Shaaron Alvares

Senior Agile DevOps Transformation Coach


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Abel Wang

Principal Cloud Advocate, DevOps Lead


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Nicolas Chaillan

Chief Software Officer, US Air Force

United States Air Force

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Sid Sijbrandij

Co-founder & CEO


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Nnamdi Iregbulem


Lightspeed Venture Partners

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Eriol Fox


Third Sector Design & Open Source Design

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Dina Graves Portman

Google Gloud Developer Programs Engineer


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Nathen Harvey

Cloud Developer Advocate


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Bobbi Wenzler

Senior Product Manager

Northwestern Mutual

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Nicole Schultz

Assistant Director, Engineering

Northwestern Mutual

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Karl Cardenas

Architecture Manager - Public Cloud

State Farm

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Laurel Farrer


Distribute Consulting & Remote Work Association

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Captain Ben Allison

Course Manager

US Army Cyber School

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Cora Iberkleid

Developer Advocate


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Andreas Evers

Senior Solutions Architect


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Alexandra Sunderland

Engineering Manager


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Luke Thomas

Founder, CEO


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Eimear Marrinan

Director of Culture


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Meaghan Williams

Remote Work & Inclusion Program Manager


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Paul Rothrock

Customer Community Manager


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Aaron Rothschild

Senior Product Manager


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