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GitLab releases

Information about recent features added in our official GitLab releases can be found on the GitLab project releases page.

GitLab has been releasing on the 22nd of the month for the last 115 months straight! For a list of release posts including patch releases, please check the blog category releases. For advice on updating your self-managed instance, please check the update documentation.

Future releases, and their important features, can be found on our upcoming releases page. You can also view upcoming features by product tier.

Information about the features and release currently running on can be viewed at the release page.

You can compare all the feature changes between two different releases by using the Release Compare Page. Due to the large number of improvements in each release, it also supports exporting to CSV.

Please check out the changelog to see all the named changes:

Changes prior to GitLab 8.0 can be seen here

If you want to know how the release works please see the monthly release template in the release tools repository.

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