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Dec 8, 2019
12.6 Preview

The latest features available on is currently running the 12.6 Preview release. New features are launched on every week, with a packaged release available on the 22nd of every month. Read on to learn more about the new features available on Note that it may take a few days for a feature to become fully available on, due to deployment schedule and potential feature flags.

Additional information on past releases is available; be sure to check out the 12.5 release for other features we've launched recently. We also have information about upcoming releases if you're interested in seeing what we are doing next.

Other improvements in GitLab 12.6 Preview

Deduplicate forks of internal projects

Forking workflows makes it easy to contribute to any project by creating a copy of the upstream project to work on before opening a merge request to merge your changes into the upstream project. For popular projects, the server-side storage requirements needed for thousands of copies accumulate quickly and increase hosting costs.

In GitLab 12.1, we introduced fork deduplication for public projects, but many organizations missed out on the benefits because they primarily use internal projects. In GitLab 12.5, creating a fork of public or internal projects creates an object pool (if one doesn’t already exist) and uses objects/info/alternates to reduce the storage requirements of forks.

Thanks Brian Kabiro for your contribution!

Faster repository browser

Exploring the source code of a project you’ve just discovered, or a project which you contribute to is now faster. In GitLab 12.5, when browsing between directories the file list and commit data are updated without reloading the the entire page, and eliminates unnecessary page loads.


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