Jun 26, 2022
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New features are regularly released to GitLab SaaS (GitLab.com), with a packaged release available for GitLab Self-Managed on the 22nd of every month. Read on to learn more about the new features available on GitLab.com. Note that it may take a few days for a feature to become fully available on GitLab.com, due to deployment schedule and potential feature flags.

Additional information on past releases is available; be sure to check out the release for other features we've launched recently. We also have information about upcoming releases if you're interested in seeing what we are doing next.

Key improvements released in GitLab Preview

Other improvements in GitLab Preview

Audit event when two-factor authentication is disabled

GitLab now records an audit event when a user disables their two-factor authentication (2FA) settings.

This audit event helps you ensure that all the users in your instance are properly using 2FA (and identify when the security of a user’s account has been lowered), so that you can investigate and take action.

New audit events for group-level merge request settings

GitLab now records additional audit events when changes are made to group-level merge request settings. These are in addition to project audit events that record changes to the same settings on projects. Specifically, audit events are now created when changes are made to groups to:

  • Prevent approval by author
  • Prevent approvals by users who add commits
  • Prevent editing approval rules in projects and merge requests.
  • Require user password to approve
  • Remove all approvals when commits are added to the source branch

These audit events can help you know that the settings and default configurations for your group-level merge request settings have been put in place correctly and that they have not been changed. This is especially important because these group-level settings will cascade down to child projects. Governance and visibility over these changes will help you strengthen separation of duties and further simplify audits.

New audit events for group-level merge request settings


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