Feb 28, 2021
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The latest features available on GitLab SaaS

New features are regularly released to GitLab SaaS (GitLab.com), with a packaged release available for GitLab Self-Managed on the 22nd of every month. Read on to learn more about the new features available on GitLab.com. Note that it may take a few days for a feature to become fully available on GitLab.com, due to deployment schedule and potential feature flags.

Additional information on past releases is available; be sure to check out the release for other features we've launched recently. We also have information about upcoming releases if you're interested in seeing what we are doing next.

Key features released in GitLab Preview

Improvements to the GitLab.com for Jira Cloud Application

You can now sync your Jira Cloud project data with GitLab by using the GitLab.com for Jira Cloud application, available on the Atlassian Marketplace. This plugin displays information about your branches, commits, merge requests, deployments, and feature flags in the Jira Development Panel. Use it to see the current status of work in progress, then quickly navigate back to those pages inside of GitLab.

To make these features easier to use, we’ve made significant improvements to the initial setup process over the last few milestones, and now getting your GitLab namespaces connected is easier than ever. To get started, check it out on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Improvements to the GitLab.com for Jira Cloud Application

Other improvements in GitLab Preview

Optional enforcement of SSH key expiration

SSH keys have had an optional expiration date since GitLab 12.9, however there was no way to enforce that date.

Administrators can now enforce SSH key expiration dates on their GitLab instances. Enforcing SSH key expiration will immediately make all expired SSH keys un-usable.


API fuzzing configuration files moving to .gitlab folder

In GitLab 14.0, API fuzz testing configuration files, such as .gitlab-api-fuzzing.yml, should be placed in your repository’s .gitlab directory. This helps keep your repository organized. Storing these files in your repository’s root will be deprecated.

Your .gitlab-api-fuzzing.yml should also be renamed to .gitlab-api-fuzzing-config.yml in GitLab 14.0. No other changes will be required in the configuration files. You can continue using the existing configuration files, but GitLab 14.0 will require you to move them to the .gitlab directory and rename them. Starting in GitLab 14.0, GitLab will not check the old location for configuration files.

Deprecation date: May 22, 2021


Please check out the changelog to see all the named changes:


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  • Gold: Great with many CI/CD jobs. Every public project get the features of Gold for free irrespective of their plan.

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