Sep 26, 2022
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New features are regularly released to GitLab SaaS (, with a packaged release available for GitLab Self-Managed on the 22nd of every month. Read on to learn more about the new features available on Note that it may take a few days for a feature to become fully available on, due to deployment schedule and potential feature flags.

Additional information on past releases is available; be sure to check out the release for other features we've launched recently. We also have information about upcoming releases if you're interested in seeing what we are doing next.

Key improvements released in GitLab Preview

Other improvements in GitLab Preview

New filters for personal access token API

Prior to this release, API calls to retrieve personal access tokens (PATs) were relatively basic. Now, you can filter results on many properties and link filters together to do complex filtering on parameters such as:

  • When a token was last used.
  • If a token is revoked.
  • A token’s name.

These new API filters for PATs provide users and administrators more useful results from the PAT API.


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Removals and breaking changes

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