Update GitLab Community Edition

Have an Omnibus package?
Used our package server on Ubuntu / Debian?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce

Used our package server on CentOS?

sudo yum install gitlab-ce

Want to upgrade from a manually downloaded Omnibus package to package server?

View our documentation on upgrading to the package repository

Want to keep using manually downloaded Omnibus packages?

View documentation here

Installation from source?
Want to use an Omnibus package?

View documentation here

Want to stay on source?

For patch updates visit our universal update guide for patch versions

For a major/minor update view all incremental updates

Bitnami or other?

Want to backup and restore to an Omnibus package?

View backup and restore page

Upgrading (to) GitLab Enterprise Edition
Already using an Omnibus package?

Upgrade using the Omnibus package upgrade documentation, Enterprise Edition package

Want to upgrade your source installation to Enterprise Edition?

See the CE to EE upgrade documentation

Set up your new integrations with Jira and Jenkins

Jira integration documentation and Jenkins integration documentation

Need to downgrade to the Community Edition?

Downgrading from EE to CE documentation