Feb 21, 2013 -

GitLab v4.2 has been released

Learn more about GitLab 4.2 release improvements and new features.

GITLAB 4.2 has been released

Hi everyone!

Today we released GitLab v4.2

We improved performance, fixed some bugs, added teams, users pages and more


  1. Features:

    • Teams
    • User show page. Via /u/username
    • Projects page. At /dashboard/projects
    • Group edit page for non-admins
    • Switchable base branch for network graph
    • Groups API added
  2. Performance:

    • Async gitolite calls
    • Process webhooks async
  3. Permissions:

    • User can create group or team even if he is not admin.
    • Admin can allow/deny team or group creation for any user.
  4. Misc:

    • added satellites logs
    • GFM: Fix images escaped inside links
    • Fixed project download
    • Show help contents on help pages for better navigation








Guides: Update from 4.1, New Setup

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