Dec 8, 2016 - Erica Lindberg  

GitLab 8.14 webcast recording & highlights

Review Apps, Time Tracking (EE) Beta, and Mattermost Chat Commands released!

On 22 October we released GitLab 8.14, our 60th consecutive monthly release. In this webcast, GitLab's Head of Product Mark Pundsack and Product Manager Régis Freyd show off what's new, including live demos of Time Tracking Beta (EE), Mattermost Chat Commands, and Review Apps. Watch the recording and get the highlights below.


[01:21] Introduction to Git and GitLab

[04:07] GitLab's Idea to Production Vision

[06:10] Time Tracking Beta (EE)

Recording time has always been painful. You have to use many different systems, and even then, you don't get a complete picture because your work is in one place, and your time tracking data in another. This is why we've decided to release Time Tracking in Beta in 8.14.

[12:18] Mattermost Chat Commands

Team communication has changed, more and more ideas are first discussed in chat. GitLab wants to make it easier for you to get your ideas from chat into GitLab issues where they can be acted on.

[15:40] Review Apps

Review Apps are the future of reviewing work! Rather than just looking at code, Review Apps serve up a fully functioning environment where your app is running, so you get a live preview of every branch and merge request. It’s perfect for testing complex changes where looking at the code isn’t enough.

[33:50] Other improvements & what's next

Upcoming Live Streams

1. Monitoring Distributed Systems with Prometheus

Watch live on December 14 at 9am PT/5pm GMT. Sign up to receive a reminder and the recording.

Infrastructure Lead Pablo Carranza will give a behind-the-scenes look at GitLab's Prometheus set up, explain how we plan to ship Prometheus with GitLab CE, and give a tutorial on how you can set up your own dashboard. A live chat Q&A will follow the presentation. For more information on the topic, read Pablo's blog post on how we knew it was time to leave the cloud.

2. Introducing the Codeship GitLab Integration

Hosted by Codeship on December 15 at 9am PT/6pm GMT. Register here

Following Codeship's announcement, GitLab's Mark Pundsack will join Codeship Senior Software Engineer Kyle Rames for a discussion on why Codeship built a GitLab integration and showcase a demo alongside Codeship's Docker Platform.

3. Designing GitLab's User Experience with UX Lead Allison Whilden

Watch live on December 15 at 10am PT/6pm GMT. Sign up to receive a reminder and the recording.

User experience (UX) affects every interaction a user has with a product. Because of this, it can make or break the adoption of a website, or application. UX designers have to do dig into the who, the what, the why, and the how of everything that happens within a platform. How does GitLab's UX address the needs of many different types of users in a product that expands every month? Join GitLab's UX Lead, Allison Whilden, and her team, as they discuss their process, the big challenges they face and how they solve them.

4. Prometheus and GitLab: Completing the application lifecycle with monitoring

Watch live on December 15 at 1:30pm PT/9:30pm GMT.

Tune in for this live broadcast with GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij and Head of Product Mark Pundsack as they share our future plans for GitLab and Prometheus.

Prometheus is not just for monitoring GitLab. It is not an optional feature. It is an essential part of deploying applications with GitLab. All GitLab users should have access to it to monitor the impact of their deployments to business/application/system metrics and do feature flags/ab-testing/etc. - Sid Sijbrandij

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