Cloud Native Transformation

Modernizing architecture and development at Ask Media Group

March 6, 10am PT / 6pm UTC

Over the past few years, Ask Media Group has made the shift from on-prem data centers to the AWS cloud, and in so doing, rearchitected numerous legacy systems from monoliths to microservices. An underlying architecture based on containers, leveraging Gitlab Runners, Kubernetes, Docker, linkerd and AWS was key to this migration. Beyond the architectural changes, the teams at Ask also changed how they worked, and leveraged GitLab as the primary mechanism to configure, build, test, deploy, and manage their microservices–it essentially became the front-end for this new infrastructure.

During this discussion hear from Chenglim Ear, Principal Software Engineer, Ask Media Group about how they accomplished this and what lessons they can share with you.

What we will cover:

  • Learn which organizational, cultural, and technical barriers block modernization and how Ask Media Group overcame them
  • Understand the benefits and business outcomes that result from a monolith to microservices journey
  • Get a technical deep dive on using GitLab CI/CD, Kubernetes, and AWS to power a cloud native architecture


Chenglim Ear

Principal Software Engineer, AskMedia Group

Chenglim is a developer from the early days of cloud computing when it was first used when mobile applications and phones first gained access to the internet. At Ask Media Group, Chenglim leads the development of microservices in the cloud, utilizing modern tools and platforms such as GitLab, Kubernetes, Docker and AWS. He is particularly interested in the idea of building systems using building blocks. When he’s not programming, you’ll find Chenglim running, swimming, biking and sharing a green drink with his family.

Binoy Das

Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Binoy Das is a Partner Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. Binoy is also a member of AWS’s Machine Learning field community and works with AWS partners and customers who are designing state of the art machine intelligence solutions. In his prior life, he worked as technology consultant with clients across domains ranging from retail, travel and hospitality to banking and financial services. He received his education from Schulich School of Business (in Toronto, Canada) in Finance and Strategic Management (MBA), and from NIT (in Durgapur, India) in Computer Science (MCA). He is a Canadian, now living in Pacific Northwest, in a small town named Snoqualmie, nestled within beautiful Cascade Mountains.

William Chia

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, GitLab

William is a developer and technical marketer who’s been crafting both code and copy since the late 90’s. At GitLab, William leads product marketing for all of GitLab's ops functionality including CI/CD, Kubernetes, and GitLab Serverless. Prior to joining GitLab, William worked in product marketing at Twilio and Digium. Outside of work, you can find William cooking, skateboarding, and playing video games with his wife and three children.

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