Joining in

RSVP to our event.

The Hackathon is a virtual event open to anyone who is interested in contributing code, translations, UX designs and more to GitLab. By participating in GitLab's Hackathon, you have the opportunity to work on issues that matter to you and advance your skills/experience while joining a global, diverse and inclusive team of contributors and GitLab team members.

The Hackathon is scheduled to run for 7 days, to be inclusive. This accommodates participants who contribute during both their work hours and free time. GitLab reviewers normally review MRs from Monday to Friday.

To get started:

Before the Hackathon

  1. Block the dates on your calendar, or subscribe to the GitLab Developer Evangelism calendar that includes the Hackathon dates and calls.
  2. RSVP to our event.
  3. Identify an issue and leave a comment indicating your interest in working on it. That way it's less likely for multiple people to be working on the same issue.

During the Hackathon

  1. Join the sessions to find more about the Hackathon or watch the recording that will be posted afterwards.
  2. In case you don't want to work on the issues described in the contribute area below:
    - To get started with code, check out the curated list of issues to contribute to, based on the project you are interested in contributing to.
  3. Leave a comment on the issue(s) you are working on. For help, you can ask directly in the issue or at the contributors channel.
  4. Create your MRs during the Hackathon dates - all MRs put up during the Hackathon dates are eligible to score points.
  5. Checkout the live Hackathon leaderboard!.

After the Hackathon

  1. You'll have one month from the Hackathon end date to finish going through the feedback, review, and merge process for your MRs.
  2. At the end of the month, the team will review the contributions and results will be made public within a week.
  3. Participants and winners will be contacted to claim their prizes.

Issues/Epics to contribute to

When you create a MR during the Hackathon, @gitlab-bot will automatically identify, label, and let you know when you create an eligible merge request. Contributions to all projects under the gitlab-org and gitlab-com groups qualify for the Hackathon. To help you get started, we've curated some issues across several areas:

Contribution Area Guides Issues
Security Contributing to GitLab guide Qualifying issues
Frontend Frontend Development Guidelines
- Design and User Interface Changes guide
- UX-related Issues, UX-related issues quick win
- Frontend-related Issues, Frontend-related issues quick win
Backend Contributing to GitLab guide
- GitLab's Architecture
- Stage: Package all issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Respond issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Optimize all issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Source Code all issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Editor All Issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Import and integrate All Issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Pipeline execution All Issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Environments All Issues, Issues quick win
- Group: Compliance
- Group: Analytics Instrumentation All Issues
DevOps Contributing to GitLab guide
- GitLab's Infrastructure as Code with Terraform Guide
- GitLab's Guide on CI/CD with a Kubernetes cluster
- GitLab's Terraform Provider All Issues, Issues quick win
- GitLab Agent for Kubernetes All Issues, Issues quick win
Website, Handbook You can contribute to any page, by clicking "Edit this page" located in the footer of the page. Although there is not a specific list of issues to contribute to, we encourage Hackathon participants to explore the website for typos, broken links and outdated information.

Hackathon scoring and prizes

We award 5 points for every merged MR closing an issue, and 1 point for every merged MR which does not close an issue. We are excited to offer the following prizes for this Hackathon.

All qualifying MRs must be submitted between April 22 00:00 UTC & April 29 00:00 UTC and be merged by May 30 at 00:00 UTC.

Categories Eligibility Description
Grand Prize Individual(s) with the most points A 'Tier 3' coupon to select swag from our Community Store
Second Place Individual(s) with the second most points A 'Tier 2' coupon to select swag from our Community Store
Merged MR Everyone with an MR merged A 'Tier 1' coupon to select swag from our Community Store

Alternatively, you can opt to have trees planted to the equivalent value.

A preview of the prizes can be found in our community swag store portal.

Hackathon tutorials and office hour sessions

Tutorial sessions during the Hackathon help you get kickstarted with contributing and to learn more about GitLab development. More sessions/speakers may be added as they are confirmed.

Date Time in UTC
(click for local time)
Topic Session Speakers
April 22 12:00 Hackathon Kickoff - Learn all about our Hackathon format, and get ready to start contributing Zoom Lee Tickett (@leetickett-gitlab)

If you miss any of the sessions, you will find the recordings in the Hackathon Playlist

Getting help

For communications during the Hackathon, we will use the #contribute channel in Discord. This channel is for contribution-related discussions and for community members to help each other when contributing to GitLab. It's open to everyone, so please join us at the Discord Community Server!

Hackathon guidelines

Hackathon organizers and GitLab team members reserve the rights to:

1. Not consider a merge request part of the Hackathon if it's spam or could be part of a larger merge request, etc. If a GitLab team member decides to reject an MR, the guidance for the team member is to leave a comment informing the contributor and their thinking behind their decision.

2. Block and ban a user that is not following GitLab's Code of Conduct

3. Block and ban a user that is using two or more accounts for participating in the Hackathon

Disclaimer: Due to applicable trade control law and the policies of our shipping partners, prizes cannot be shipped to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. This list is subject to change without notice.

Past events

To learn more about previous Hackathon events, visit the past GitLab Hackathons page.