GitLab Contribute

Contribute to a product you want to work with, in a unique format

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May 8-14, 2019

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Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA

Who, What, Why

Why Contribute?

We love meeting people in the GitLab community. With that we mean anyone contributing to GitLab, with code, with content, with features or requests but also our customers, resellers, partners and our team’s Significant Others. We would like to show you that your contribution is building something bigger and your voice and concerns are influential in what we do. We like to hear from you about experiences, preferences and knowledge, and build real world, useful products. All this comes back to our GitLab Values of Collaboration, Results, Effectiveness, Diversity and Transparency.

Tickets and Registration

Tickets are priced at $2499. If you want to contribute, register under General Admission. Once you arrive we will provide with all you will need, so you can just focus on getting the most out of your experience and contributions. Details on all inclusions are on our project page. We will keep updating that page with things like FAQ, tips and tricks from our team on how to make the best out your attendance, packinglists etc.

What to expect?

This is not your average conference where you join sessions that we’ve set up for you and passively listen to the content. You are signing up to contribute. We would like to hear from you what topics you would like to discuss, and where your interests lie. More details on that are on the sign up form you will find later.

We work all remote

As you surely know, we are an all remote company with over 450 team members in more than 47 countries worldwide. Since we don’t have watercooler talk or an office we also do a lot of fun stuff when we are all get together! Examples are playing Bubble Soccer in Austin, TX or Ziplining in Mexico. We visited Santorini in Greece and Table Mountain or Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa. We would love for you to get to know us and each other, without a focus on your job or title. This way you will see the people that contribute to GitLab instead of just a name on your screen. We have a whole list of fun activities planned for New Orleans and are excited to spend time with you.

GitLab Contribute is not a conference

We don’t have different tracks, groups, or special VIP content. We don’t sit you down to listen to stale presentation after presentation about our product or features. You can find all that already in our GitLab Handbook. You are signing up to contribute, not a conference. GitLab Contribute is very different from a user conference since that is hard to combine with our value of iteration. The goal of GitLab Contribute is to get to know the people in the GitLab community. Apart from a 2 hour welcome session there are no presentations and only a few workshops which are not necessarily about GitLab. There are no special announcements, you can read our roadmap and strategy online. You are expected to contribute by participating in activities like excursions and unconference sessions. Everyone shares an interest in GitLab but that does not mean that this is the focus of our sessions. There is a lot of time for fun excursions and to catch up on work. The people that work for GitLab are there to meet everyone in the community including their team members. Users are very welcome but will be treated like everyone else, for example GitLab management will split their time equally between every person attending. GitLab Contribute has a great amount of time designated to talk to and hang out with a variety of people in the GitLab community Contribute is a better event for users of GitLab that are interacting with it every day than for customers of GitLab who want an overview.

We do…

want you to contribute to the topics of our workshops and User Generated Content sessions during this week, which have ranged from discussing working remotely in an effective way, to pitching new features, to how to handle burnout.

We'll do something unique…

We want to bring all our community and customers together and then leave the room. We’ll give you time to truly hear how people work with our product, what is worth exploring and what is just a waste of time. Without us there, just honestly shared experiences.