GitLab Contribute

Contribute is our annual GitLab team event where we get together to interact with one another and cultivate our community. Since our team is scattered all over the globe, we try to plan a different location each year. Contribute is an optional event, so team members should not feel pressured to attend. This year, Contribute will be hybrid-first, enabling team members to watch and participate from anywhere. Please see the official event landing page HERE.

Ambassadors and volunteers

Contribute Ambassadors assist the Contribute event team with a plethora of tasks while the rest of the company can focus on building bonds, having a good time, and contributing to the GitLab community. Volunteers assist Ambassadors in executing tasks, such as Team Day planning, excursions, and workshops. Ambassadors must have attended at least one Contribute. To volunteer at Contribute, please complete this form.

2019 recap

As you surely know, we are an all-remote company with over 900 team members in more than 55 countries. Since we don’t have watercooler talk or an office, we do a lot of fun stuff when we are all get together! We'd love for you to get to know us and each other, without a focus on your job or title. This way you'll see the people that contribute to GitLab instead of just a name on your screen. We have a whole list of fun activities planned for 2021 and are excited to spend time with you.


Will be led by your fellow team members.

Goal (for the future events)

Half of the unoconferences visitors participate in workshops with upper limit of 25 person per single session.