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NOTE: Our contractor agreements and employment contracts are all on the Contracts page.

Entity Specific Benefits

Guiding Principles

These principles will guide our benefit strategies and decisions.

We value opinions but ultimately People Operations/Leadership will make the decision based on expert advice and data.

General Benefits

For the avoidance of doubt, the benefits listed below in the General Benefits section are available to contractors and employees, unless otherwise stated. Other benefits are listed by countries that GitLab has established an entity or co-employer and therefore are applicable to employees in those countries only. GitLab has also made provisions for Parental Leave which may apply to employees and contractors but this may vary depending on local country laws. If you are unsure please reach out to the People Operations team.

  1. GitLab will pay for the items listed under spending company money.
  2. Stock options are offered to most GitLabbers.
  3. Deceased team member: In the unfortunate event that a GitLab team member passes away, GitLab will provide a $20,000 lump sum to anyone of their choosing. This can be a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or charity.
    • For US based employees of GitLab Inc., this benefit is replaced by the Basic Life Insurance that is offered through TriNet.
    • For all other GitLabbers, the following conditions apply:
      • The team member must be either an employee or direct contractor.
      • The team member must have indicated in writing to whom the money should be transferred. To do this you must complete this expression of wishes form, email to People Ops, who will then file in BambooHR.
      • For part-time GitLabbers, the lump sum is calculated pro-rata, so for example for a team member that works for GitLab 50% of the time, the lump sum would be $10,000.
  4. Paid time off policy
  5. Tuition Reimbursement
  6. GitLab Summit
    • Every nine months or so GitLabbers gather at an exciting new location to stay connected, at what we like to call a GitLab Summit. It is important to spend time face to face to get to know your team and, if possible, meet everyone who has also bought into the company vision. There are fun activities planned by our GitLab Summit Experts, work time, and presentations from different functional groups to make this an experience that you are unlikely to forget! Attendance is optional, but encouraged. For more information and compilations of our past summits check out our summits page.
  7. Business Travel Accident Policy
    • This policy provides coverage for team members who travel domestic and internationally for business purposes. This policy will provide Emergency Medical and Life Insurance coverage should an emergency happen while you are traveling. In accompaniment, there is coverage for security evacuations, as well a travel assistance line which helps with pre-trip planning and finding contracted facilities worldwide.
    • Coverage:
      • Accidental Death [enhanced coverage]: 5 times Annual Salary up to USD 500,000.
      • Out of Country Emergency Medical: Coverage up to $250,000 per occurrence. If there is an injury or sickness while outside of his or her own country that requires treatment by a physician.
      • Security Evacuation with Natural Disaster: If an occurrence takes place outside of his or her home country and Security Evacuation is required, you will be transported to the nearest place of safety.
      • Personal Deviation: Coverage above is extended if personal travel is added on to a business trip. Coverage will be provided for 25% of length of the business trip.
      • Trip Duration: Coverage provided for trips less than 180 days.
      • Baggage & Personal Effects Benefit: $500 lost bag coverage up to 5 bags.
    • For any assistance with claims or questions, please contact the People Operations Specialist.
    • This policy will not work in conjunction with another personal accident policy as the Business Travel Accident Policy will be viewed as primary and will pay first.
  8. Immigration Benefits for eligible team members.
  9. Incentives such as
  10. Possible Future Benefits: Wellness Program.

Parental Leave

Anyone (regardless of gender) at GitLab who becomes a parent through childbirth or adoption is able to take fully paid parental leave. GitLabbers will be encouraged to decide for themselves the appropriate amount of time to take and how to take it. We will offer everyone who has been at GitLab for a year up to 12 weeks of 100% paid time off during the first year of parenthood. We encourage parents to take 8-12 weeks.

For many reasons, a team member may require more time off for parental leave. Many GitLabbers are from countries that have longer standard parental leaves, occasionally births have complications, and sometimes 12 weeks just isn't enough. Any GitLabber can request additional unpaid parental leave, up to 4 weeks. We are happy to address anyone with additional leave requests on a one-on-one basis. All of the parental leave should be taken in the first year.

If you have been at GitLab for a year your parental leave is fully paid. If you've been at GitLab for less than a year it depends on your jurisdiction.

You are entitled to and need to comply with your local regulations. They override our policy. To initiate your parental leave, please send an email to People Ops at least thirty days before your leave will begin, and also take a look at the process for application based on your employment company in the Country Specific Leave Requirements.

If you need any additional leave, please refer to our Paid Time Off Policy.

Country Specific Leave Requirements

All country specific requirements are subject to change as legal requirements change.

GitLab Inc. United States Leave Policy:

To Apply For Parental Leave:

Parental Leave Regulations:

Entering an Extended Leave in TriNet
  1. Once the Extended Leave Request form has been submitted and approved by People Ops, it will then be entered into TriNet.
  2. Go to Passport under Find > Find Person by Name > Pull the employee up > Extended Leave Request.
  3. Enter all applicable information.
  4. If the employee is eligible for 100% of pay, make sure to note in the request “leave with pay” status for the employee.
  5. Once the leave is in TriNet it takes the LOA department about 5 business days to process the request. They will send out information to the employee directly on what their leave means to them and how to file for any short term and/or state disability that may apply.
    • Short Term Disability (STD) is processed through Aetna. The employee would call Aetna to file a claim. Phone number and plan number can be found in the People Ops 1Password vault to be shared with the employee.
Processing Supplemental Pay in TriNet
  1. Once the employee knows the percentage of pay they have from GitLab's STD policy as well as state STD, GitLab can supplement the remaining pay through payroll. The payroll admininstrator, will need to move the affected hours on payroll into leave with pay and leave without pay during the leave time.
  2. The only way to process on payroll without waiting for the actual dollars that STD is paying would be to account for hours. For example, if there are 80 hours in the pay period you would input 26.66 hours Leave with Pay / 53.34 Leave without Pay.
Entering a Return from an Extended Leave in TriNet
  1. On the team member's first day back from leave, confirm that the employee has returned. A request will need to be submitted to TriNet for the return as well as a special payroll for any days that were not paid if a payroll has already been processed.
  2. In the Beta site click on your Admin View at the top right.
  3. Then in the menu to the left choose Employees > Manage Employees.
  4. Search and click on the employee returning from leave.
  5. Then click the Return from Leave button at the top right.
  6. Input all details and submit.

GitLab Inc. China Leave Policy:

There are many regulations and policies around different types of leave in China. Different regions have separate statutes, and it is also influenced by many factors, such as the employee’s work period and actual situation from the hospital. CIIC will provide the support when the featured employee is in need.

GitLab B.V. Netherlands Leave Policy:

People Ops will consult with HRSavvy to ensure that the statute is met.

Applying for Leave in the Netherlands

HRSavvy can assist in applying for maternity leave covered by social security. In this application the company can decide whether the benefit is paid to the employee directly, or the employer continues paying the salary and receives the benefit. The last option is done in most of the cases.

GitLab B.V. Belgium Leave Policy:

People Ops will consult with Vistra to ensure that the statute is met.

GitLab B.V. India Leave Policy:

People Ops will consult with Lyra to ensure that the statute is met.

GitLab LTD United Kingdom Leave Policy:

The mother may opt to share some of her 52 week maternity leave with her spouse/partner (so long as it is not the first 2 weeks following birth). The leave period will be paid in accordance with the above regulations for Maternity (ie maximum combined leave of 52 weeks, payments for up to 39 weeks at Statutory Pay rate). Employees accrue all benefits during leave and must have documentation for risk assessment when notifying the company of pregnancy.

Once an employee notifies GitLab of the pregnancy, People Ops will conduct:

  1. Risk Assessment – Carry out a risk assessment of her work environment within 1-3 days of notification. This still applies if the employee works from home. The purpose of the assessment is to make the employee aware of any hazards or “risks” to her in the work place/home office to reduce potential injury to her or her baby.
  2. Notify the employee of the statutory rules/company practice regarding leave, pay, notifications etc with a link to this section of the handbook.

People Ops will consult with Vistra to ensure that the statute is met.