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Role Description

GitLab Customer Success is made up of Solution Architects. Solution Architects are the trusted advisors to GitLab prospects and clients, showing how the GitLab solutions address clients business requirements. Solution Architects are responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation and validation stages of the sales process. There are three specialist types within the Customer Success group.


Mission Statement

To deliver value to all customers by engaging in a consistent, repeatable, scalable way across defined segments so that customers see the value in their investment with GitLab, and we retain and drive growth in our within our enterprise customers.

Team Initiatives

Our large and strategic customers are in need of an ongoing partnership that combines expert guidance with flexibility and adaptability to support their adoption and continuous improvement initiatives.

These customers expect that partner to provide a streamlined, consistent and fully coordinated experience that encompasses the full span of their needs as well as the fully lifecycle of the relationship. Need to focus on 3 main areas in order to grow in our existing accounts as well as land large and strategic:

  1. Awareness
  2. Adoption
  3. Usage

Initiative: Awareness

Opportunity to improve the overall awareness of GitLab in order to promote and evangelize our brand and solution in a meaningful way to provide big business impact to our customers so that they believe in our vision and strategy.

Initiative: Adoption

Ensuring paying customers are successful in their onboarding in order to gain adoption and get the most out of our platform and remain happy, paying GitLabers and brand advocates.

Initiative: Usage

Collecting and making use of customer data and insights is key to customer success. It’s important to do more with data and when necessary share back with customers, which in turn helps and encourages our customers to improve and drive adoption.

Customer Success Specialities

Solutions Architects

Solution Architects are the product advocates for GitLab’s Enterprise Edition, serving as a trusted advisor to the client, focusing on the technical solutions while also understanding the business challenges the customer is trying to overcome. Solution Architects team up with our strategic account leaders to help sell into our large and strategic accounts.

Professional Services

Implementation Specialists have the goal to optimize your organization's adoption of GitLab through our implementation services, designed to enable other necessary systems in your environment as they are used by your teams moving code from idea to production.

Technical Account Manager

Technical Account Manager help our Strategic customers continue to drive adoption of cloud-native SDLC best practices throughout their tenure as a GitLab customer. Focused on the journey to Complete DevOps, TAMs will be with customers even after implementation to continue to advise and adapt to customers changing needs.

Triage Process

Engaging with Solutions Architects

For engaging Solutions, Architects, see this page on the Solutions Architects handbook

The SA Service Desk

The SA team works from the [SA Service Desk]. This is the central place for the Sales Team to interact with the SA team and request assistance for customers. Discovery Calls, POCs, Professional Service Engagements all start as an issue on the SA Service Desk.

To open an issue, visit the new SA Service Desk issue and select the SA Activity template. This template collects the basic information about the need for SA engagement.

Information to Collect

To help the Solutions Architect team ensure success for your customer, we request the following information prior to SA engagement:


Weekly SA Triage Assignment

Each week one specific Solutions Architect is assigned as the Triage SA for the week. This is indicated both in the SA Triaged label as well as in the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

Triage Call

The Solutions Architect team hosts a triage call three times a week.

The current week assigned Triage SA facilitates this call. You can find who the current triager is on the #solutions_architect channel in Slack.

The call is on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 12:30 pm Easter,n 9:30 am Pacific. We invited the entire company to join us on these calls, and you can join with this Zoom link

Other Resources

Other Sales Topics

Customer On-boarding Process

This content has moved to the Account Management Handbook

Customer Success & Market Segmentation

For definitions of the account size, refer to market segmentation which is based on the Potential EE Users field on the account.