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Professional Services Offerings

Professional Services Offerings

List of Offerings

Discovery Engagement

During a Discovery Engagement, the Professional Services Engineering group will engage with a customer for a set period - typically one week - for a set price. The Professional Services Engineering group will consult with the customer and provide advice such as:

Training & Education

Below are the main training courses that we currently offer. GitLab recommends a class size of 15-20 students. Below find a description of each and an (internal) link to the slides that go along with the training.

Migration Services

As part of services engagement, we offer migration services from a customer's current systems. These services include consulting with the customer's technical staff about the best way to migrate not only the customer's source code but also their entire SDLC to the GitLab platform. We may implement the migration in a phased approach or a replacement approach depending on the customer's comfort level and desires around adoption.

This can include:

In all cases, a GitLab Adoption Plan will be created with the customer to outline the goals of the migration and adoption, as well as any plans that involve customer or GitLab Professional Services actions.

Integration Services

The GitLab Professional Services Engineering group will also work with a customer's technical team to come up with an Integration Plan for the GitLab implementation. Typically part of the overall Professional Service Plan, this Integration Plan will consider a customer's existing systems and corporate policies in regards to:

Specialized Training

Train the Trainer

The GitLab Train the Trainer program is a set of workshops designed to enable super-users at customer organizations to be able to train their team on Git and GitLab best practices.

GitLab Certification Program

The Professional Services Engineering group will be rolling out a GitLab Certification Program in the future. To view the progress of this initiative, see this internal issue