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Dev Sub-department


Enable engineers across the world by having top notch planning and issue tools for managing their work, awesome tools to organize their code and evolve their codebase through the best code review and online editing experience. Support organizations to have an easy entrance level to use GitLab by having great import capabilities, a great documentation experience and administration tools. By having Gitter we give open source communities a central place to communicate.

We thrive for ownership of the things that we built by having a clear view on its performance and stability in production. We constantly challenge ourselves to build a better, faster and more robust application.


The Dev sub-department is taking care of the first part of the DevSecOps Lifecycle with the following 3 stages and the specific groups:

  1. Manage
  2. Plan
  3. Create

Who we are


Manage:Access & Manage:Import

Person Role
Liam McAndrew Engineering Manager, Manage:Access
Drew Blessing Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
James Edwards-Jones Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Imre Farkas Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Manoj M J Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Sebastián Arcila-Valenzuela Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
George Koltsov Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Josianne Hyson Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Małgorzata Ksionek Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Access
Aishwarya Subramanian Backend Engineer, Manage:Spaces
Kassio Borges Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Import
Tan Le Backend Engineer, Manage:Compliance


Person Role
Dan Jensen Engineering Manager, Manage, Manage:Analytics
Adam Hegyi Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Aakriti Gupta Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics
Pavel Shutsin Senior Backend Engineer, Manage:Analytics

Manage Frontend

Person Role


Plan:Project Management

Person Role
New Vacancy - John Hope (Acting) Engineering Manager, Plan:Project Management
Brett Walker Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Mario de la Ossa Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Patrick Derichs Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Heinrich Lee Yu Senior Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Alexandru Croitor Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management
Eugenia Grieff Backend Engineer, Plan:Project Management

Plan:Portfolio Management & Plan:Certify

Person Role

Plan Frontend

Person Role


Create: Source Code

Person Role
Michelle Gill Engineering Manager, Create:Source Code
Nick Thomas Staff Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Patrick Bajao Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Igor Drozdov Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Kerri Miller Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Robert May Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
David Sincheol Kim Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Gary Holtz Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code
Marc S. Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Source Code

Create: Source Code

Person Role
Darva Satcher Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Francisco Javier López Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Mark Chao Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Alex Pooley Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Luke Duncalfe Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Markus Koller Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Amparo Luna Backend Engineer, Create:Editor
Alex Kalderimis Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Vijay Hawoldar Senior Backend Engineer, Create:Editor

Create:Static Site Editor

Person Role

Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor Frontend

Person Role

Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor Frontend

Person Role
Roman Kuba Frontend Engineering Manager, Create:Knowledge & Create:Editor
Paul Slaughter Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Natalia Tepluhina Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge
Denys Mishunov Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Himanshu Kapoor Senior Frontend Engineer, Create:Editor
Tom Quirk Frontend Engineer, Create:Knowledge


Person Role
Zeger-Jan van de Weg Engineering Manager, Gitaly
Jacob Vosmaer Staff Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Christian Couder Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
James Fargher Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Pavlo Strokov Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Sami Hiltunen Backend Engineer, Gitaly
John Cai Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Paul Okstad Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly
Patrick Steinhardt Senior Backend Engineer, Gitaly


Person Role

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Mike Long UX Manager, Dev
Suri Patel Content Marketing Manager, Dev
Ramya Authappan Quality Engineering Manager, Dev
Eric Brinkman Director of Product, Dev Products
Lily Mai Operations Analyst, Development
Jordi Mon Senior Product Marketing Manager , Dev