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Delivery Team

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Issue Trackers Delivery Backend Engineer, Infrastructure Issue Board
Slack Channels #g_delivery #production, #infrastructure-lounge, #incident-management
Delivery Handbook Delivery::Dev Team training

Top-level Responsibilities


The Delivery Team enables GitLab Engineering to deliver features in a safe, scalable and efficient fashion to both and self-managed customers. The team ensures that GitLab's monthly, security, and patch releases are deployed to and publicly released in a timely fashion.


By its own nature, the Delivery team is a backstage, non-user feature facing team whose product and output has a direct impact on Infrastructure's primary goals of availability, reliability, performance, and scalability of all of GitLab's user-facing services as well as self-managed customers. The team creates the workflows, frameworks, architecture and automation for Engineering teams to see their work reach production effectively and efficiently.

The Delivery team is focused on our CI/CD blueprint by driving the necessary changes in our software development processes and workflows, as well as infrastructure changes, to embrace the benefits of CI/CD.





Each member of the Delivery team is part of this vision:

Team Members

The following people are members of the Delivery Team:

Person Role
New Vacancy - Marin Jankovski (Interim) Engineering Manager, Delivery
Robert Speicher Senior Backend Engineer, Delivery
Yorick Peterse Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery
John 'Jarv' Jarvis Staff Site Reliability Engineer, Delivery
Alessio Caiazza Senior Backend Engineer, Infrastructure
Mayra Cabrera Senior Backend Engineer, Infrastructure
John T Skarbek Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Delivery

Stable Counterparts

The following members of other functional teams are our stable counterparts:

Person Role
Marin Jankovski Senior Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Delivery and Scalability

Team training

Every Delivery team member is responsible for creating a training session for the rest of the team. See the page on team training for details.