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Engineering Management

How Engineering Management Works at GitLab

At GitLab, we promote two paths for leadership in Engineering. While there is a healthy degree of overlap between these two ideas, it is helpful and efficient for us to specialize training and responsibility for each of:

While technical leadership tends to come naturally to software engineers, professional leadership can be more difficult to master.

This page will serve as a training resource and operational guide for current and future managers.

General leadership principles

All Engineering Managers should follow the general leadership principles set out in the handbook. In particular, it is not uncommon for Engineering Managers to struggle with one or more of the following areas, so we recommend you review them carefully and discuss your confidence with your manager:

Engineering Manager Onboarding

Onboarding is essential for all Engineering Managers at GitLab. As part of onboarding, a New Manager Enablement issue will be created for each manager when they join, or are promoted. This issue is intended to connect new managers with the crucial information they need, and ensure they have access to all the resources and training available.

Technical Credibility

We expect all managers at GitLab to be technically credible with their teams. Fluency in our core technologies and architectures is essential because it enables managers to participate effectively on technical conversations. In order to maintain this fluency, we encourage managers to participate in coding-related work to an extent. However, please keep the following advice in mind:

Management Responsibilities

The sections below aim to inform you of the responsibilities that an engineering manager has at GitLab. It will provide you with the necessary context, information, and process to follow.