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Ensure that GitLab consistently releases high-quality software across the growing suite of products, developing software at scale without sacrificing quality, stability or velocity. The quality of the product is our collective responsibility. The quality department makes sure everyone is aware of what the quality of the product is, empirically.

To execute on this, we categorize our vision into the following areas.

Culture of Quality

Ensure a culture of quality early on in the development process.

Create a timely feedback loop on Quality.

Test Automation Expertise

Own and build out test automation frameworks and infrastructure.

Continuously improve GitLab test coverage, reliability and efficiency.

Continuously improve the release process where Quality is a stakeholder.

Engineering Productivity

Quality Engineering Teams

Dev QE team
Ops & CI/CD QE team
Secure & Enablement QE team
Engineering Productivity team

Department members

Person Role
Rémy Coutable Staff Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Mark Fletcher Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Jen-Shin Lin Engineer, Engineering Productivity
Mek Stittri Interim Director of Quality Engineering
Ramya Authappan Interim Quality Engineering Manager, Dev
New Vacancy - Mek Stittri (Interim) Quality Engineering Manager, Ops & CI/CD
Tanya Pazitny Interim Quality Engineering Manager, Secure & Enablement
New Vacancy - Mek Stittri (Interim) Quality Engineering Manager, Engineering Productivity
Dan Davison Senior Test Automation Engineer, Configure
Mark Lapierre Senior Test Automation Engineer, Create
Sanad Liaquat Senior Test Automation Engineer, Manage
Tomislav Nikić Test Automation Engineer, Create
Zeff Morgan Senior Test Automation Engineer, Verify
Walmyr Lima e Silva Filho Sr. Test Automation Engineer, Plan
Aleksandr Soborov Test Automation Engineer, Secure
Désirée Chevalier Test Automation Engineer, Manage

Team retrospective

The Quality team holds a once-a-month asynchronous retrospective. The process is automated and notes are captured in Quality retrospectives (GITLAB ONLY)

Release process overview

Moved to release documentation.

Test Automation Framework

The GitLab test automation framework is distributed across three projects:

Architecture overview

See the GitLab QA Documentation and current architecture overview.

Installation and execution