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General Topics

Monthly Investor Update

Each month we send to our investors an update no later than the 10th day following the end of the month. For further reference see our blog post.


  1. Thanks
  2. Asks
  3. Key Metrics
  4. Lowlights
  5. Highlights
  6. Expections (next month)


  1. When operating metrics have been finalized FinOps lead prepares a draft of the investor update in a google document and posts in the e-group slack channel with an @mention to the CEO and CRO.
  2. After review and no later than 24 hours after release of the draft the CEO sends the update to the investor mailing list.

For commonly requested company information, please visit our wiki page.


Company Accounts

Login information for the following accounts can be found in the Secretarial vault on 1Password:

If you need this information but cannot find it in your shared vaults, check with PeopleOps to get access.

Invoice template and where to send

Vendor invoices are to be sent to and for contractors. An invoice template can be found in Google Docs by the name of "Invoice Template".

Contractors can send the invoice around the middle of the month to ensure payment by the end of it. Include any expenses in the invoice.

In many cases, VAT will not be payable on transactions between GitLab BV and EU-based vendors/contractors, thanks to "Shifted VAT". To make use of this shifted VAT:

Timesheets for Hourly Employees

  1. People Ops and Finance will share a private Google Sheet with you where you will log your hours for each day in the “hours” column.
  2. There is a dropdown in the “pay type” column, with the default being Regular. There are also options for Overtime, Vacation, Sick, and Bereavement. Choose the appropriate pay type for your time.
  3. If you work overtime or more hours than agreed upon in your contract, please obtain approval from your manager and forward to Finance before payroll cutoff.
  4. Your timesheet is due one day prior to the submit payroll date, which is outlined for the calendar year on your timesheet.

Finance Team Policies and Procedures

Department Information