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GitLab Onboarding

Onboarding is incredibly important at GitLab. We don't expect you to hit the ground running from day one.

We highly recommend taking at least two full weeks for onboarding and only in week three starting with team specific onboarding and training. Please feel free to participate in your team's work in your first two weeks, but don't feel like you have to contribute heavily. All onboarding steps are in the onboarding issue template which is owned by the People Experience Team.

Each onboarding issue has a main section that contains tasks relevant to all GitLab team-members and a due date of 30 days. Below the main section are department and role-specific tasks. Some roles and departments have tasks that link to a supplemental issue template or an additional onboarding page. Reach out to your onboarding buddy or other GitLab team members if you need help understanding or completing any of your tasks.

Through onboarding issues, you should gain access to our team member baseline entitlements. Any extra access you require, will need to be requested by creating an Access Request issue. Access requests are owned by the IT team. If you have any access requests related questions, please reach out to #sysadmin-it in Slack.

The lists below categorize each onboarding resource by its location.

The onboarding issue templates that the People Experience Associate team uses to onboard new hires:

Supplemental onboarding issue templates

Additional onboarding pages