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Procurement Guide: Collaborating with GitLab Legal


Thank you for visiting! The purpose of this resource is to provide GitLab team members with information on how legal assists and interacts with the procurement of products and services at GitLab.

For information on the Procurement Team, policies and process, visit The Procurement Page

For general questions that do not require legal advice, deliverables, or any discussion of confidential information, you can reach out to the GitLab Legal Team at #legal.

You don't need to reach out to GitLab Legal directly, instead the GitLab Legal Team will be enaged directly by the Procurement Team, as applicable.

GitLab Legal will review any and all purchases made to ensure adequate terms are present for GitLab. Examples of types of purchases include:

Signing Contracts


Vendor Requirements

Additional Requests & Information

NDA Request(s): NDA Process

Negotiating Terms and Conditions: Negotiating Terms

NDA Process

Negotiating Terms

Helpful Resources

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