Corporate Marketing

Welcome to the Coporate Marketing Handbook

The Corporate Marketing team includes Global Programs, Customer Marketing, Corporate Events and Design. Corporate Marketing is responsible for the stewardship of the GitLab brand the company messaging/positioning. The team is the owner of the Marketing website and oversees the website strategy. Corporate Marketing creates integrated marketing campaigns, executing global corporate campaigns and supporting the field marketing teams in localizing and verticalizing campaigns for in region execution. The team also oversees Public Relations (PR), the customer reference program and customer marketing.

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Requesting design help

  1. Create an issue in the corresponding project repository
    1. For tasks pertaining to create an issue in the www-gitlab-com project.
    2. For all other marketing related tasks create an issue in the marketing project.
  2. Add all relevant details, goal(s), purpose, resources, and links in the issue description. Also @ mention team members who will be involved.
  3. Set due date (if possible) — small last-minute requests are OK, we understand, but in order to do our best work let's not make a habit of it.
  4. Add the Design and Website Redesign (if applicable) label(s) to your issue.

The Design label in issue tracker

The Design label helps us find and track issues relevant to the Design team. If you create an issue where Design is the primary focus, please use this label.

Project prioritization

Per the Design team's discretion, the prioritization of design projects will be based on the direct impact on Marketing.

To get a better sense of marketing project prioritization, you can view the Design Issue Board. More specifically the Design - Working On and Design - Top Priority lists.

Design projects within the www-gitlab-com project can be tracked using the Design label. The prioritization of projects for can be viewed on the Website Issue Board.

Any design requests that do not fall in line with the goals and objectives of Marketing will be given a lower priority and factored in as time allows.

Design touchpoints

The Design team has a rather wide reach and plays a big part in almost all marketing efforts. Design touchpoints range from the GitLab website to print collateral, swag, and business cards. This includes, but certainly not limited to:

Web & Digital

Field Design & Branding

Content Design

Brand Guidelines

To download the GitLab logo (in various formats and file types) check out our Press page.

GitLab Trademark & Logo Guidelines

GitLab is a registered trademark of GitLab, Inc. You are welcome to use the GitLab trademark and logo, subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The most current version of the GitLab logo can be found on our Press page.

Under the Creative Commons license, you may use the GitLab trademark and logo so long as you give attribution to GitLab and provide a link to the license. If you make any changes to the logo, you must state so, along with the attribution, and distribute under the same license.

Your use of the GitLab trademark and logo:

Examples of improper use of the GitLab trademark and logo:

The Tanuki

The tanuki is a very smart animal that works together in a group to achieve a common goal. We feel this symbolism embodies GitLab's vision that everyone can contribute, our values, and our open source stewardship.


While the brand is ever-evolving, the GitLab brand currently consists of six primary colors that are used in a wide array of marketing materials.


GitLab Hex/RGB Colors


The GitLab brand is paired with two typefaces. Lato for large display type and headlines, and Source Sans Pro for body copy; or main blocks of written content.

GitLab Product UX Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide written standards, principles and in-depth information to design beautiful and effective GitLab features. This is a living document and will be updated and expanded as we iterate.

GitLab Product UX Design Pattern Library

We've broken out the GitLab interface into a set of atomic pieces to form this design pattern library. This library allows us to see all of our patterns in one place and to build consistently across our entire product.

Brand oversight

Occasionally the old GitLab logo is still in use on partner websites, diagrams or images, and within our own documentation. If you come across our old logo in use, please bring it to our attention by creating an issue in the Marketing issue tracker. Please include a link and screenshot (if possible) in the description of the issue and we will follow-up to get it updated. Thanks for contributing to our brand integrity!

Design System

Brand resources

Asset libraries


Icon patterns

Social media


Presentation decks